Designing Worlds

Monday I found I was in a unique position to attend the live screening of the latest Designing Worlds episode. I’ve wanted to get to one of these for months but as they’re at 5:00 PM Monday evenings for me, it’s almost never practical. Monday being a holiday, however, gave me my chance.

I TPed to the Designing Worlds studio a few minutes before the start and found myself towering over a small crowd – as if there is any other kind – of tinies looking, as I was, for where to go. This was going to be an interesting show.

The screening was well attended with some 55 people in the sim. Unfortunately, this kind of population makes my viewer verra kranky and it took nearly five minutes for me to cam in on the screen and launch the video. (I want my new computer!!! Are you reading FeEx?) The result was that I was viewing a bit behind all the comments going on in chat.

Still, it was a good show. The focus was on the latest staging of the annual Raglan Shire ArtWalk. This yearly event is an enormous collection of art, some pieces in it stunning. I enjoyed the tour and highlights provided by the show and more important intend to watch closely for this event next year. I even have a tiny sheep avie so I might just fit in.

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