A Week of Sci-Fi in SL

Having managed to miss the Fantasy Fair and the Artwalk recently, I was determined to make it to the sci-fi con (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emmerich/37/193/101) this week. It covers six sims, the same as last year I believe,Snapshot_004-edited and is beautifully arranged around the themes of water – sea level has been set at 100m – and steampunk. The retro looking overhead trams and the turtle submarine carry these themes well into the public transport that’s usually provided. (Also, don’t miss the air taxis.)

Our family made a day of it last weekend and we covered most of the fair. There are some very nice exhibits, a giant landscape based on Avatar and some of the Trek role playing groups being a couple of my faves.

Novatech’s vendors at their exhibit are offering a discount so I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of scenes and Horizons Pro. (I’m sure I’ll make a scene – no, not that kind of scene – that I’ll want to package up for sale someday.)

Over the course of the week I’ve gone back most nights to take a few pictures. OK, I took over sixty shots a very few of which I’m inflicting on you here. [Technical difficulties are preventing me posting pictures tonight 😦 I’ll amend this post tomorrow to add a few pictures.]

If you’re at all interested in sci-fi, fantasy, or just very clever products and really interesting builds, make your way to the con. But make your way quickly. The event only runs through the 8th, tomorrow.

Snapshot_007-edited Snapshot_029-edited

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