Meet the Lindens

OK, so this is months old information. I’ve had things to do! But since I only just encountered it I imagine there may be more out there like me that could use a pointer to it. Back during the SL11B celebrations in June, the Prim Perfect group did a series of in world interviews of a number of Lindens. There’re many good insights about how Second Life is seen by the lab, what plans are for its future and how the project formerly known popularly as SL 2.0 might and might not affect Second Life. These are well worth watching if only to quell the many romours about what Sansar will really mean to SL. I had a lot of fun viewing these. Given all the grumbling we all do inworld, it’s nice to be reminded of the passion and enthusiasm in the people who make all this work.

Second Life’s Meet the Lindens YouTube Playlist:

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