Still Weird After All These Years

Well yay! Second Life has achieved the distinction of being one of the eleven weirdest MMORPGs still on-line.

The 11 weirdest MMORPGs still online | …

At least according to it is. Though we only made 10th on their list of 11, if order is of any importance in the article, on the list we are.

The write-up is from back in October of last year and opens its recognition of SL with the remark that “There is really no virtual universe quite like Second Life.” As they note, it is a world constructed of the collected fantasies of some million odd users and that in and of itself is likely to result in no small amount of weirdness.

So, good or bad, here we are in one of the weirdest places in cyberspace. I say we own it and revel in it. Should you have any trouble doing so, simply heed the advice of .

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