Walking a Little Art

Well, a lot actually. I happened to notice the Windlight Spring 2016 Art Show in the editor’s picks yesterday and popped over for a look see. I do enjoy seeing what people create in SL, artists or not. Much of the art you encounter here may not be likely to be found in The Louvre anytime soon but most of it is obviously heart felt and some of it’s frankly stunning, and you’re never sure when you might stumble upon something in that category. [Ah! That’s where I put the full stops!]

Anyway, over I popped and suddenly everything was all about me. In amongst the information givers and sponsor boards was one of my rotating panel displays! I found a couple more in the area. One is being used by one of the artists to present a large collection of her in-world photographs.

I hadn’t expected how gratifying it would feel to see my product out in the wild being used in a creative way. After wandering so long as just a spectator, it really felt good to see my work contributing, even in such a tiny way, to such a beautiful project as this art exhibition.

And Speaking of Stunning

I often come across mentions about how amateurish all the builds in SL look. I know from personal experience that this is far from so. Should you have any doubt, drop by Ziki Questi’s kiosk at the show, it’ll be running for a few more days, and have a look at her in-world photos. They’re excellently composed views of some of the best constructed builds in SL.

Now, if I can just move a couple more displays, I’ll scurry back to her gazebo and buy a couple of her works!

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