SLB18 is Underway!

It’s that time again, Second Life is turning eighteen. The Lindens and Moles have set out twenty-three beautifully landscaped regions, for this year’s celebration. (I’m not counting the decorative water regions along the edges.) As has become traditional a new theme for Linden homes has been announced, and demo units are ready to view. I’ll get to them.

The theme for all the SL18B regions this year is “hidden worlds.” So, there’s a strong emphasis on fantasy. This theme extends to the new Linden homes and the special set of last names available now.

The result is an eye-catching landscape rich in crystals, curious plants, mushrooms of unusual size and the odd faery lamp. If I have a complaint, it’s that when using the shared environment, things outside of the exhibitors’ area can be a bit darkish. But then, that lets you appreciate the stunning EEP sky.

Do have a look, there should be plenty of links in your viewer’s destinations panel. Check the Featured Events and Editor’s Picks.

As I wander the SL18B regions, I try to visit every parcel, I will post here about things that particularly interest me.

Way up to the north-east is a fun immersive art installation, Manx Wharton’s and Zinnia Zauber’s Ablyss ( As you walk into the midst of the installation, shifting, layered planes create a fascinating prismatic effect. Even better, if you find the center it gives you mini-donuts!

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