It’s Movie Night!

Well, it’s Saturday and that’s as good a night as any to get together with some friends and watch a movie. Up in the northern most row of exhibits in SLB Electrify there’s an elaborate installation for the movie Stömol. ( What? You haven’t heard of it? You should have!

Stömol is a feature length movie shot entirely on location in Second Life. It’s a sort of cyber punk noire. The story is well written, suspenseful, and it holds your attention to the end. Now and then the SL seams show but often it all works amazingly well. Sure, SL is no Industrial Light & Magic, but by working effectively with what they’d got, Stömol holds up very well.

The movie has been available on YouTube since its release nearly a year ago. (Just after last SLB… timing.) If you missed the inworld premier and would still like a chance to see it in the theater, here’s your chance! There’s one in the exhibit, albeit a rather small one… and there’s no snack bar. ☹

Tempting as it is to watch it again tonight, our little Second Life group is gathering to watch something public domain, dreadful, and probably black & white inworld. Fans of MST3K will understand the appeal. [Tip, you can comment to your heart’s content in chat without stepping on one iota of dialog from whatever gem you are viewing!]

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