SL18B: Quiet Spots, Oases of Beauty

Second Life’s eighteenth birthday celebrations continue in that the regions are all still up the builds are out, and the shopping regions continue to do a brisk trade. But all the events, DJs, and live music wrapped up yesterday. Today it feels, well, a bit like the day after the fair. Everything will still be here through the 6th. Though without all the live events, there’s less feeling of energy about the place.

So, today’s topic will be a few places that can be well enjoyed all by one’s lonesome. I’ve run across a few really nice garden spots sprinkled about the exhibition regions. Here are a few of my faves.

SHARA! ( is an elegant little spot. There’s a piano under a gazebo and a busy stream with lots of mist and spray. (I would think the humidity would be playing (sorry) merry heck with the piano’s tuning, but it doesn’t. I suspect there is some magic at work. There’s an elven feel to the place.


Peace at Dusk ( is a quiet little build at the north end of Pizzazz. There are some comfortable seats, some pillows if you prefer. The EEP settings help create a very relaxing atmosphere. I parked there for about an hour while doing some writing.


Ancient Order of the Centaurs ( back over in Captivate is just so pretty. I think I saw something about a hunt for a centaur avatar. But as I have no need for one, I just relaxed in the forest on the north side of the mesa. The photo below is of the top of the mesa. I admit to being too lazy to find my way up properly and just panned the camera there!

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