Oh yeah, the New Linden Homes

The SL18B regions are still up and will be for another few days; “through the 6th” is what the original blog post said. But I’ve finished wandering them for now. Having visited every parcel in the celebration builds I think I’ve earned a nice break.

As I write this, I’m sitting in the café in otter lake. The sea birds are making a fuss, and somebody is playing early 20th century popular music through an open window in the distance. Also, my viewer would like me to know that my avatar complexity is 85,547 and that everybody can see me now. That’s a bit cynical since I’m the only one here at the moment.

I did mention a few posts back that I would return to the topic of the new Linden Homes theme once I had some better pictures. Well, I have… one. (See below.)

Just a few initial thoughts. In one sentence, the new homes are sort of “exterior designed by house of Elrond, interiors by Pulte.” That is, however fantastic the outside looks, inside they have a very conventional feel.

In either the Meet the Lindens with Patch or the Meet the Moles show (I’ll link both below), Patch mentioned that one super new thing with the new theme is seasons. The glowy bits which you can see on the roof, and I presume the trees and things in the walls, will change as the seasons change. If I heard right – I was multitasking as usual – then the whole look of the regions will adjust to the seasons. (Northern hemisphere?) That sounds new and exciting.

There are some much better, more detailed write ups on the new homes elsewhere (again, see links below). Here I’ll just wind up by giving my personal take. The exteriors are fab, beautifully done. It just happens I don’t fancy myself living in a fantasy themed home. I think the elves are gonna love ‘em though.

Inara Pey – “SL18B: A Look at the Linden Homes Fantasy Theme Preview

Second Life Newser – “The Fantasy Linden Homes at a Glance

YouTube – “Meet the Lindens 2021 – Patch Linden

YouTube – “Meet the Moles 2021

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