Summertime Movies Belong at the Drive-in!

This afternoon I’m writing from a dimly lit corner of The Rowley Café. I should be adding animations to prop vehicles in the parking area and tweaking the positions of sage brush and junipers, but I’m procrastinating. I do that a lot.

This post is behind the times as I set out the drive-in theater early last month.

It’s summer, and movies should be watched outdoors! Ideally in a 1950s style drive-in theater somewhere near Sacramento under the stars and sky duster palm trees.

When I started on this theater, I had some vague idea of packaging it for sale. Hasn’t happened yet. I still need to convert the prim prototype of the snack bar/projection building into a proper mesh build. Maybe I don’t really need to include fully contoured and landscaped grounds as well. That might shave a few months of the project!

Whatever, the drive-in is back out for the rest of the season and we’re enjoying watching movies the way 50s Hollywood executives intended us to. If I find myself inspired, I may push this project to completion and add it to my (tiny) shop. But, as usual, I have about a half dozen other ideas that I’ll probably start on instead.

I might also start a quest to explore SL for other drive-ins and see how people are capturing the experience!

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