There’s Lots to do in Second Life!

Why not wake up the blog? I asked myself. How hard can it be? I reasoned. Knock out something shy of a thousand words every few days, how big a challenge is that? Sheesh.

I’m afraid RL has been very selfish lately. It has been demanding that I down tools and take vacations with family or in internet benighted locations. Then there has been all the catching up afterwards which makes one wonder why one went on holiday in the first place. Also, there have been books to read.

All that aside, now I am low on time for writing because there is so much to do in Second Life right now. After a bit of a dry spell, we have:

Halloween Shop n’ Hop

Fourteen regions with roughly two hundred and eighty shops to help clean out all those L$ that have been cluttering up your account profile. This is as good a place to start as any

So far I’ve bought one new outfit, collected a batch of demos and gathered a few gifts that look nice.

Sci-Fi Expo 2021

Once again in association with ACS, we have the annual sci-fi expo. I’ve only just begun wandering it but the build looks fantastic. The area around New Eden looks like it’s meant to evoke a newly established colony on some idyllic planet. (I’ve read sci-fi stories, I know there are fierce, voracious predators or gruesome microbes around here somewhere!)

Next region over is a rebuild of the recently collapsed Arecibo radio telescope. Nice touch.

Burn 2

Second Life’s complement to Burning Man returns. The landing point is right here. All the fun of Burning Man without sand in your knickers?

Halloween Builds Galore

‘Tis the season. Second Life loves Halloween. This years collection of creepy regions, haunted houses, ghostly caves, as well as comfy autumnal hangouts has appeared with October. It looks like there are some fine entries. See the editors picks in the destination guide for a nice staring collection. You could do worse than to being with the Mole build at Millbank.

And now it is time to get back to doing things in Second Life instead of writing about them. See you there!

P.S. This post’s banner image is me pondering what to say while relaxing at the Autumn Café. It’s a very cozy little hangout nicely dressed up in October décor. Oh, and the floating cyber cat companion I picked up at the sci-fi expo, Solares Heavy Industries in New Eden, not far from the entry area. L$99 well spent!

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