Lab Gab – Van Star

I’ve had to stop working at the rainy café for now. Lovely place and I’m still spending a lot of time there but, conversations keep breaking out! Interesting ones too. Can you imagine? So, I’ve had to retreat to a quiet spot to get some writing done. (There may have been a tiny accident on landing. Giving AA a call.)

Just a quick post tonight about Friday’s special, pre-recorded Lab Gab episode. I’m also working on a “What’s New with Viewers” write up, but that’s going to take a bit of time. I have to get the latest Catznip installed for a start. Daniel Voyager has beat me to the punch on highlighting the new splash screen in Firestorm.)

Friday’s Lab Gab is a short, eighteen minutes, one featuring Van Star. He’s a “world traveled musician”, producer, and TV star. Sounds like he is quite busy!

He also has a new album coming out and one track, “Closer”, has a video filmed in SL. (You can follow that link or watch the episode. The video is embedded at 5:48.)

The video is pretty slick. Editing is good and it does a good job of exploiting SL’s strengths for the purpose. What’s more important, I enjoyed the track itself quite a bit too!

Following the video, there a discussion of how Van got interested in SL as well as what’s coming up this year. Hint, sounds like more events in SL and maybe an inworld apparel line? Keep your eyes open for them.

That’s about all for tonight, except I’ll note that Lab Gab is on a roll. There’s another pre-recorded special that should drop just about when I’m pressing “Publish” on this. (Actually, I’ll be fantastically lucky to get this posted that quickly!) This one is on One Billion Rising in Second Life 2022.

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