Wandering the Mainland Again

One of my fave things about Second Life is how it allows, indeed its whole reason for being, all its residents to express themselves in any way they wish. Every resident build is the realization of somebody’s creativity. This is true no matter how primitive the build, no matter how halting its execution. There are interesting things everywhere on the grid if you look for them, even on the mainland.

To prove this, and to get myself taking pictures again, I’ve set myself a challenge this week to jump to a random mainland region each day and find something there interesting enough to record. I’m not going to be a purist about this. If an ocean region or one completely filled with abandoned land turns up, I’ll re-roll the dice. I’m sure other “new rules” will develop as this week goes on.

Today’s random continent is Sansara and the region that the wheel of fortune selected is Deadfall. Much of Deadfall is wide open at ground level, but by a large lake, there’s a very nice clifftop home that somebody has built. Peeking through the windows I see inside rows of trophy ribbons, most likely from horse racing. It looks like a very warm, cozy place with a brilliant view in every direction. A dream home made real in Second Life.

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