Monday on the Mainland

It’s day two of my find something interesting on the mainland every day for a week challenge. Today’s random continent, Jeogeot. And the fates land my random jump in the Chongno region, right along the Wellington Road.

This landing spot made things easy. All along this stretch of road there are beautiful homes with carefully landscaped lots. A lot of people here are making the effort! But what caught my eye is a work in progress that is shaping up to be a 1930s (?) street scene. There are a few shops, so it may be a budding retail area.

There are still “under construction” signs out front, but it’s looking close to done. The street looks very evocative in the moonlight. Maybe it should have wet pavement from a recent rain, a sound generator providing echoing steps down an alley at random intervals, and a smoking figure in a homburg and long raincoat in one of the doorways.

So yes, nicely done. Already inspires the imagination!

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