The Mainland is a Beautiful Place – Day 3

The trouble with the blog format is that each entry kinda has to stand on its own. So when I’m doing something over the course of a week, I have to keep telling my reader what that is, in case he forgot from yesterday. So the task I set myself was to pick a random mainland spot every day this week and find there something that’s interesting, beautiful, photogenic, what have you.

Today’s randomly selected continent is Corsica. The landing point is a point in about the middle of the Synister region. Bad news. This is one of those stacks of region wide rental sky domes. Not interesting, and usually lousy with hyperactive security orbs. So, new rule: if I land on a sky dome farm, I’m bailing to an adjacent region.

As fate would have it, right next door is a garden with this gorgeous, fierce dragon guarding a butterfly garden. Sorry it’s all a bit dark but I liked the way the whole scene looked in SL night as it was when I found it. I’m using a bit of field of view on this image, F4.5 or so.

So far the challenge is going well. Three days, three fascinating little builds. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow turns up.

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