Mainland Photo Challenge – Day 4

The random jump machine – it’s really a lot more simplistic than that sounds – directed me back to Jeogeot tonight. Specifically, to the upper middle of the Saena region. The area is stereotypical mainland. It’s an interior spot, not near any coast or roads. There are alternating areas of rough abandoned land, wildly incompatible homes and gardens with lots and lots of ban lines mixed in to make navigation an adventure.

In amongst this random lot, I found this little cottage. It can only be described using the cliched adjective “charming”.

The build exhibits many of the imperfections one comes to expect from SL builders. Daft garden wall layouts with the end abutting the middle of a large window, bits of interior décor peeking through the roof and walls. But the garden is simple and nicely arranged and looks like a great place to enjoy a sunrise.

Peeking through the windows, again… this is getting to be a bad habit, the interior is lavishly done up in a fantasy style. Somebody has assembled for themselves quite a cozy retreat!

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