A Quick Visit to Gaeta-I

And it is going to be a quick visit because Fantasy Faire 2022 is getting underway so now I have more demands on my limited Second Life wandering time. I should have worse problems, right?

The location randomizer has pointed me to Gaeta-I tonight, and selected what looks like a beachy area on the north coast of the continent. Sweet! I’m already dressed for the beach. The region, is General. Hmm, maybe I’m a little too dressed for the beach. Changing into something boring first.

Landing in a patch of abandoned land to survey the surroundings I find the coast is, quite literally clear. There are a lot of water and landfill areas alternating of to the draw distance limit, but not a lot of structures. It doesn’t take me long though to find my subject.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it, a treehouse with a continuous firework or aurora display erupting above it. I believe it’s associated with the playground for the house out of frame to the left. A particularly awesome kids’ retreat?

No idea. But it’s delightful. It’s just the sort of completely unexpected thing you stumble across in Second Life all the time. Others are always coming up with unique ideas. In SL, they can share them with us and we get to experience a bit of them we probably never would have in the “real” world.

Now to get this posted and take a quick look around Fantasy Faire to see where I’m going to start my explorations this year!

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