Coffee and Donuts in Heterocera

Tonight’s random mainland photoshoot was quick and easy, which is just as well as I really needed to get started on Fantasy Faire exploration. That’s me above in Mythspire checking a bed for hidden peas. I think it’s safe.

The where in the mainland is Alta Thiemen machine sent me to Heterocera this time, Vine, right in a patch of abandoned land. Almost in front of me though was the perfect subject. A donut shop! Who doesn’t need donuts, in either life?

The Robin Loop Rez & Ride appears to be a jumping off point for a commonly used riding loop along the nearby roads. The shop has an excellent selection of donuts but, since it was late in the day, I didn’t try the coffee.

I love the look of the shop and it fits perfectly next to the highway. If you don’t happen to have your own vehicle, there’s a speedy slug (!) rezzer in the parking area.

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