Back in Sansara to Wind Up the Photo Challenge

Alta surveying the archive, and looking somewhat haughty about it too.

I’m pausing in my wandering through The Carnelian Archive to compose this post. Quite the library this place! Hmm, it’ll will all disappear after the 8th. So, if I borrow something, the odds they’ll ever come after me for the late fee are vanishingly small!

Earlier this morning I spun the wheel of random mainland locations one last time and found my self pointed back at Sansara, the Hibdon region. The parcel is labeled AS Dance Garden of Babylon & Promo Booth. Um, okay.

The place looks like a combination ballroom and bridalwear outlet. However, tucked away behind the ballroom is a surprising build. At first I thought it must be a waterfall shop. But in fact, it appears to be more of a waterfall/meditation garden. (I’m not sure I could meditate very easily with so many full bright decorations about!)

Anyway, this is another thoroughly Second Life moment. Only here could such a thing be found. And only in SL could I imagine something was a waterfall shop!

OK, posted a day late! I’d have gotten this up last night only I had a movie night to host, which I did wearing the Paperfriends low-lag AVie from Fantasy Faire :P. Talking of which, back I go.

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