Fantasy Faire Extended?

Me and my dreamkin companion admiring The Clouded Mountains

I was told, by somebody I am pretty sure ought to know, that instead of rolling up the paths after tomorrow, the faire has been extended three days out to Wednesday. So, if you haven’t already, there’s still plenty of time to visit and have a look around.

I haven’t seen this officially posted yet so, if it turns out I’m correctly informed, you heard it here first! If not, this account was hacked, and Alta had nothing to do with this post.

At last check, the faire’s blog noted that more than $76 thousand real dollars had been raised this year for Relay for Life. (That’s over L$19 million!) That means that aside from being fun and beautiful, Fantasy Faire is just plain awesome!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve explored the faire regions thoroughly, and yet there is always more to see. My own personal list of the ones you should miss is…

Mythspire Ridge

The great hall at Mythspire Ridge

Stunning, awe inspiring, ethereal, these are just a few adjectives that easily apply to Mythspire Ridge. Drop in and have a leisurely wander around. You’ll feel like you’ve strayed into one of Tolkien’s First Age tales; one of the quiet boring bits between the epic battles filled with epic violence.


The plaza at Opet looking toward the guardian statues

Opet is an ancient Egyptian themed build constructed around the fertility festival of Opet. Awe inspiring also applies to this region. The scale of the build, the massive off-sim elements, the astonishing environment settings all combine to create an amazing immersive experience. I found myself constantly going into mouse-look (and upping my draw distance) to fully experience this gorgeous region.


A view up the grand stairs with the golden guardian statues and three of the guardian animals

Another region where I spent a lot of time gaping about in mouse-look is Tenpyo, an Asian themed build peopled with guardian animals (including a dragon and a giant ghostly tiger), golden statues, and a massive set of buildings all textured in a subtle palette of whites and golds.

The Clouded Mountains

Selfie in a shadowed valley in The Clouded Mountains

The Clouded Mountains is not a vendor region. There is no clear path to follow all the way through. In fact, any paths you might find are as likely as not to falter and vanish in the weeds as continue on to any clear destination. There are caves that lead into hidden grottos and caves that cut through mountains. It’s an easy place to get lost. But no matter where you end up in it, you’ll find beautiful narrow valleys with idyllic streams, cottages with stunning views, waterfalls with nothing hidden behind them. (Very disappointing that last one.)

Oh Look! My Stuff!

Me shamelessly showing off an installation of one of my displays

It’s always a pleasant shock to be wandering around and come across somebody using one of my products. As I think I’ve mentioned before, it’s a nice feeling to find that something you’ve made is being used to create this wonderful place. So, thanks to Rookery Isle’s Roleplay Fantasy Realm [] for including my display in your Fantasy Faire space. Also, great job on the rustic re-texture of the frame. Love it!

Now it’s back to wandering the faire. These are all just super builds and even if the event has been extended, they’re here only for a limited time. I’m enjoying them while I can!

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