New(ish) Second Life University Video

Strawberry and Izzy explaining about parcels in Second Life

Land & Group Basics with Izzy Linden

The second installment in the Second Life University video series that Strawberry Linden has been hosting landed back on April 28th. [Hey, Fantasy Faire has been on! I’ve had things to do!] Presented by Izzy Linden (land product specialist) this episode goes over some basics about land management in Second Life.

The list of topics to be covered includes:

  • General “about land” tips
  • How to tell if land is abandoned and/or for sale
  • Deeding land to a group
  • Group donations and buy for group
  • Parcel divide and join
  • The Concierge & Land User Group

At 25 minutes, this is a brief overview of some of the most common things residents run into when working with land. There are a lot more details that could be delved into, but certainly not in so short a time. The information presented here is just about right for somebody just starting to work with land in Second Life.

There’s a table of contents with timestamped links in the video’s description, but if you want to go straight there, here’s the links I came up with.

I learned a few things myself but this will be a great resource to hand out when new users ask me about how to get land in Second Life, which isn’t an uncommon question.

I’m looking forward to more of these Second Life University videos. If I feel particularly industrious, perhaps I can start a page of these and other useful places to point new users. It’s something I should have started on years ago.

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