Then and Now Challenge

So, Strawberry Singh turned 15 on Monday. [O… M… G!] and to celebrate, she posted a side-by-side photo of her avatar as it was in 2007 and now in 2022. She used that image to kick of a Then and Now Challenge to others to post similar comparisons of their current vs. early avatar selves.

Headshots of Alta as she appeared in 2008 and 2022
Fourteen Years of Alta

That’s a hard one to resist! I’ve taken a few moments to throw together a similar side-by-side of my orientation island self and how I look today. I like to think I project a more sophisticated look now, maybe in keeping with my advancing years!

I have to say Strawberry’s 2007 look holds up very well. My first appearance, not so much. Credit where it’s due for any improvements. I have a good friend who’s brilliant at tweaking the shape, shopping for skins, hair, and tattoos. I’m only responsible for the outfit.

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