Second Life University – Inventory Tips

With Alexa Linden

The author busily writing away in a sci-fi themed sky lounge.

Tonight, I’m writing from a gravity defying sky lounge at the Sci-fi Spirituality Center, a quiet corner in Forestalgia. Sci-fi Con 14 is in full swing and I’m about halfway through exploring its nine regions. More about that in another post soon. (Though as the con runs only until the 29th, it’s going to be a stretch for me to get a post up before it’s over. I’m that slow.)

Strawberry and Alexa Lindent sitting in comfy chairs while a cat rolls on the floor.

The fourth episode in the Second Life University series was live streamed on the 19th. The topic was Inventory Tips. There is an associated blog post that goes over the high points, particularly with regard to organizing and cleaning your inventory.

Of particular interest to the occasional panicked user who’s missing things from their inventory, there is a section on troubleshooting inventory problems. It includes a link to a wiki article on recovery steps and, at last need, a link where you can create a support case.

Back to the video, the guest this time around is Alexa Linden, director of product for Second Life. Having been a resident for eighteen years, she certainly should know her inventory. For just under half an hour, she goes through a lot of tips on how to use and manage inventory. And wow is there a lot of good stuff in this half hour.

Again, the video has been posted with an excellent table of contents with time stamped links in the description. For this one, it’s so extensive that I’m not even going to try to replicate it here! Just a few of the topics covered are:

  • Why you should organize your inventory and why you should start doing it early
  • Cleaning out trash regularly
  • Sorting inventory with two inventory windows
  • Renaming product folders so you’ll know what’s in them in a month
  • Cleaning inventory
  • The lost & found folder
  • Sort by date/using filters
  • Missing/lost inventory
  • How big is big? Inventory size, organization, and performance
  • Recent and Worn tabs
  • Received Items
  • Outfits, links, replace links

I’ve been in Second Life for… a few years now and I learned quite a few things from this video. This is a great one for brand new and longtime users to watch.

Splash screen for Second Life University episode 5: How to Customize Your Avatar

P.S. SL University episode five is already out. I’m getting ever further behind! This time, Boston brings us a quick one on some basic avatar customization, like buying and wearing hair.

Splash screen for May 27, 2022 Lab Gab episode.

P.P.S. But that’s not all! Tomorrow at 10:00 SLT, Lab Gab returns with the Director of Community at Flickr. This should be interesting!

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