Sci-fi Con 14 in its Final Weekend

Alta pausing in the upper concourse of the central building in Petrogeist.

The fourteenth Sci-fi Con (entry area here) has been running this past week and has today and tomorrow to go. Another Relay for Life event, it covers nine regions built in varying themes. Dieselpunk, steampunk, cyberpunk, silvertech, echotech, and superhero regions are all to be found.

A medium shot of the entry hub at Sci-fi Con 14

I’ve been wandering and photographing the con most of this past week. There’s a lot to see.

Quite a few familiar merchants have event shops to visit and I ran into a few that I had not encountered before. There are quite a few empty shops and closed off areas. Vendor participation could have been better.

Coming so quickly after Fantasy Faire, I wonder if sales at this event are seen by sellers as a little sluggish. I know that I’ve watched my spending a lot more closely than I did at the Faire. I am presuming, of course, that there’s a big overlap between Sci-fin Con and Fantasy Faire attendees.

A shop lined street in the dieselpunk region of Petrogeist

I have just one more region to wander to finish my explorations, Auxentios Barracks, the steampunk build. So far, my fave build is Petrolgeist, which is done in a thoroughly dieselpunk fashion. Designed by Whats Lost Spirits, it captures the aesthetic very nicely.

Throughout the event, there are mini-stargates that you can click for clues to a dialing sequence for a main gate. If you decode the clues correctly, it’s meant to take you to a seekrit location where a special prize may be found. The clues all involve general knowledge about various famed sci-fi franchises; specifically, Babylon 5, Star Wars: 2, Battlestar Galactica (I assume not the 1970s one), Star Trek, Doctor Who, and The Expanse.

Given that my own tastes run toward the classic era (I only escaped from the 60s recently after getting through boxed sets of The Twilight Zone and The Prisoner) I’m at a slight disadvantage. Never fear! There’re search engines aplenty just waiting to assist.

Off to finish exploring the con!

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