Exploring Cica Ghost’s Garden

The author hidden in the grass at Cica Ghost's Garden

Garden, an installation by Cica Ghost, has shown up in the Editor’s Picks a while back. I had a nice long walk through it and really enjoyed myself. ‘Whimsical’ is a term that could often be applied to Cica’s work, but in this case, it’s just spot on.

Posing for a snapshot with a couple friendly ants

The build covers a small island, only it looks enormous to we tiny visitors. Wandering through the thickets of grass and shamrock, you will stumble across many unexpected places to dance, sit with some ants, or just look up in wonder.

Resting on a stem with a couple more ant friends

It feels like one of the goals of this work is to prod you into a new perspective. I think it works. After strolling about beneath towering stalks of grass I noticed some curiously straightedged shadows at my feet. Looking up I found myself underneath a huge – well, it was huge to me at any rate – step ladder. I found my perspective shifting back and forth, trying not to cam out and disrupt the experience.

The author surprises a couple of surprisingly large cats

I was a tiny bit worried when I came upon these two. I think they were as surprised as I was though. (They’re actually quite nice. One will even let you sit on its back!)

Unfortunately, it’s taken me so long to get this post up that the installation may be long gone by now. But Cica comes out with new creations fairly regularly. Keep an eye on the destination guide and if you see a new one crop up, head there immediately. It will be worth the visit.

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