SL19B is Underway!

Woman in steampunk airship princess costume sitting by a fire

In fact, in a lot of ways, It’s been and gone. All of the various Meet the Linden Events (lots more about those later I’m sure) concluded Friday and the last of the live music/DJs wound up on Sunday. All the heavy partying is already done. Which may go some ways to explain why I’m only getting started on this now.

I can be a tediously methodical person on occasion. That comes out when I visit museums, or “wander” Second Life birthday events. In fact, I don’t wander. I start at the north-west corner of the map and work my way through every region, west to east, north to south. This is why my SLB explorations are a solitary effort, nobody else can stand waiting around for me to finish reading the 110th information board before moving onto the next exhibit.


Wide view of the Amaze region in SL19B

I visit every exhibit; every one. I provide below the parcel name and SLURL for each. I also try to provide at least a tiny amount of information about the exhibits. In most cases it’s going to be very tiny. If I tried to write a full post about every one, I’d be here until next SLB!
So I apologize if the exhibit you worked hard on gets a “mostly harmless” type mention here. I love all of them but only have limited time to write about them.

Epic Surf Center Exhibit
Every SLB it seems that the far north-east parcel contains an underwater themed exhibit, and this year is no exception.

Street Wear Live (SL video production)
Lots of examples of their work on MoP displays

Just a park with a fountain
Nice place to relax, but having visited only two displays so far, I’m hardly worn out.

“Bonsai Punk” Observation Deck
A curious, enormous, very steampunky build that takes a bit of exploring.

A Mild Case of Abyss
Another underwater themed exhibit complete with submersibles

Out of Time
A really big clock which you can climb and explore

One Billion Rising in SL
Visit the Hall of Heroes. Get a free T-shirt. Read some information. Relax at the park. Really, if you’re not already familiar with One Billion Rising, make yourself so.

Velvet Thorn Femdom
Curious garden containing some benches, and some poorly maintained robots. Also, lots of photos of the community.

Virtual Artworks (VAW)
An art installation where you can relax on a sofa. Click the box for a package of gifts and landmark to VAW Island.

Centerpiece build. A portion of the great pyramid from Fantasy Faire 2022’s Opet region.

Giant turning ballet shoe sculpture

Took me a while to get a photo of this exhibit I liked. It’s an interesting build. Use one of the pose balls to make yourself a temporary part of the installation!

Sweet Summer Celebration Sponsored by Kawaii Couture
A delightful bit whimsical landscaping that is well calculated to make you hungry! Pickup a welcome pack of Bento animations.

A very sweet exhibit in SL19B

Jillian Dorchester
Ace Nova Productions’ (another SL video production group) display, consisting of a rather large rock and a small garden.

Nicolyti Resident and StrayCatsScripter Resident
StrayCats, breedables. (I need more cats like I need… anyway.) Looks like they have a free steampunk cat if you are a breedables fan.

Short Leash & ATCSL
A nicely done little forest walk complete with a campground diorama and a pleasant waterfall to sit by in the back. I parked here for some minutes.

Fuzileiros Navais
Portuguese Marines in SL? My Portuguese is a little rusty (that is to say, non-existent) but I think that’s what this is about.

Confederation of Democratic Simulators
(Shouldn’t that be regions?)

Time in the past by Van Loopen & Oema
A curious installation that’s hard to describe. Visit, read the information boards, enjoy the art.

Care and Hope Center of SL
Stop in here and learn about domestic abuse. Do spend some time at it. This is important.

CeeCee Belssed and Holly Juanos
Popetree Foundation: Exploration & Innovation for a cleaner Future. Seems to involve a lot of methane. Hmmm.

Gianfar Paks of Pern
Anne McCaffrey role play? Sure looks like it. It does appear to involve riding dragons. How can that be bad?


Wide view of the Imagination region in SL19B

WK Presents Avatar Trap Game
A very large-scale re-imagining of the old MB Mousetrap game.

Perpetual Motion – Nando Yip
In intriguing installation with good lighting and materials effects. There’s as much going on underwater as above it.

Nance Clowes
Road trip to SL Theme Parks. Click the box for landmarks to same. Don’t forget to press the big red button! (Can never resist a big red button.)

Dream Machine SLB19
A huge sculpture that’s as good as its name. Not interactive so far as I could tell.

SLB Java Island
A steampunk structure centered in a sci-fi themed garden. Photos of Java Island through the years are posted about.

Alchemy Sims Retrospective – 14 Years in SL
Display in building about the Annabelle Fanshaw Alchemy Sims?

Virtual Community Radio @ SL19B
This year’s virtual community radio HQ at SL19B. Be sure to ride the air car to the upper levels.

YaT Yacht Club
Rez a boat and see how good a sailor you are. Yeah, but I don’t wanna get wet.

Original art on display with a rather Gothy theme.

Isle of Wyrms SL19B
Centerpiece build. Here be dragons! Warning, dodgy physics models can make navigation on foot challenging.

Whale of a Tlae – Moby Dick
More underwater themed displays. I did not see a white whale.

Bryn Oh
An art installation from Bryn Oh. Always worth a look.

Art installation by Bryn Oh at SL19B. Two figures standing with a floating fish skeleton.

Bixyl Shuftan & Silvia Ametz
Heavy lift helicopter. A mighty steampunk flying engine that Newser will reportedly use to get to events and interviews.

A steampunk style power windmill. Exhibit is about energy use and its impact. So the windmill is a good icon.

Regency Fashion Museum at SL19B – Bagheera Kristan #S-1118
A large round of plates showing early 19th centry fashion. A bit before the usual Victorian aesthetic used in steampunk, but valid.

Elite Equestrian’s 2-D Steampunk Carousel
It does look like a paper cut-out model of a carousel, in resolute black & white tones.

Steampunk Drive In by Love Everlasting H&G – SLB 2022
Just like it sounds, with several steamers parked and waiting for the show from the Lumire projector. There’s also a gazeebo for concerts. The drive in is only for careful drviers!

Ironhorse Ranch presented by Run for the Roses
A barn and yard with natural and steam powered mounts.

Travelover SL. Realworld based destinations in SL. Lots of travel pictures and plenty of landmarks. I collected all the landmarks and browse all the pictures. Love these exhibits that point you to more things to explore in Second Life.

The Nature Collective – SL19B Exhibit
Reconnecting with natural spaces both inworld and in RL. Pretty exhibit. Nicely laid out.

Silver Oak Hollow
A very pretty spot to stop and relax a while. If you want to know more, there’s a landmark giver for Silver Oak Hollow.

The Arboretum Stage

Banner image of the Arboretum stage at SL19B

The block of four regions in the north-east corner of SL19B come as a set. Together, Wonderous, Dazzle, Exhilarate, and Fascinate make up a single performance/meeting space. Over the past week, this area was where the opening ceremony, Meet the Lindens events, live music, DJs and even some wrestling events were held. At one point several hundred people were all gathered in world to see the opening ceremony.

Exterior view of the massive Arboretum stage at SL19B

With the great height and glass roof, the interior space feels completely outdoors. On occasion, the great oculus was filled in with a platform stage reached by elevators. Certainly, one of the most sophisticated constructions for an SLB yet.

Looking along a path inside the Arboretum stage at SL19B showing landscaping overgrowth and part of the great oculus

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