SL19B Part 3

Woman in a steampunk top hat sitting next to a cake while looking at a waterfall

There are still a couple of days for you to see any of the SL19B sights you’ve missed! The even officially runs until tomorrow but, as I mentioned earlier, I think the regions may not come down until the 5th due to holiday schedules.
I still have quite a few exhibitor regions to get through, so I’ll get started.


Wide view of SL19B's Captivate region

NCI SL19B Wellington Beam #S-51
Photohunt? Blitz Build? It’s New Citizens Incorporated. Everyone helping newbies. A fine sentiment! Drop by and get a notecard with landmarks and information

Rhythm of Life by Tori Landau at SL19B
An installation featuring a giant metronome, musical notes suspended from party balloons and… rocket powered sheep? Interpretation is left to the observer.

Teahouse on the Tracks
Absinthe & Others offers a curious spot for light refreshment. Tables outside or the functionally shaped tea car on the tracks.

A teapot shaped rail car that is actually a Victorian tea room

Jilla Lamar & Stephen Venkman #S-54
“Digital impressionism” a large round of inworld photos. Touch sign near the entry for a notecard.

Explore Mainland!
This one’s near to my heart. I love the mainland. Photos of a number of mainland locations can be found around the exhibit along with landmark givers. Try not to get run over by the streetcar… like I did.

Light Breathing
Looks like a gathering area with lots of, unused, seating. There’s a group joiner and a subscribomatic, but no other information.

Ethereal: The Gears of Mist & Mayhem by pixels sideways
A large construction with a lot of really big pipes. Teleport to the top and ride a roller ball all the way down below where you started. (So much underwater activity this year!)

View from the ground of a several story high winding pipe joined with colourful sprockets

My Steampunk World by Marea2007 Praga
Another large art installation composed of disassociated body parts (this one also has toppled columns).

A Steampunk Garden #M-58
A grand scale, highly kinetic sculpture in a desert setting.

Pandemonium Hell Fantasy Roleplay
Hell fantasy roleplay? Not a place I’d thus far heard described as any kind of fantasy but, to each their own! Lots and lots of information inside on how role play works in this community.

Steampunk Dancer ~ #S-61
Get a package of free dances and information. Follow the path to find out what goes into preparing a choreographed dance show.

Robokitty-mini’s Chronometrical Mission Mis-hap
Centerpiece build. A robokitty-mini adventure you can begin from the “rift teleport” next to the exhibit’s title sign. (If this is robokitty-mini, I have no idea how large regular robokitty is!)

Fierce looking 100 foot longmechanical kitty wearing a monocole

I thought my heart was made of steel by Myra Wildmist
Steampunk art of the heart.

Rooms by Lusus
Teleport up using the monolith at the center of the parcel. Explore the Escherian architecture of Rooms.

View from the corner of a sitting room that joins other rooms whose "up" orientations are in other directions

Team Baa – SL19B
Ride the tornado, if you don’t mind frenetically spinning rides. Stop in the tiny theater to watch Sheep in Motion.

The Feline Conspiracy – #S-64
Climb up the path and then descend into the hill to follow an adventure that is too complicated for my poor sleep starved brain.

Teapot Steam by Clare Loring
Step into the dome for a drink in a very humid tearoom. On the south end of the parcel is a very comfy spot to have a sit. There’s a notecard giver next to the chair. Have a seat and read up on the concept.

Closeup of a table with a teapot, teacups, and a scrabble rack with "TEAPOT" spelled out in tiles

Bryn Oh
Another installation by Bryn Oh. This is a large, spread-out piece. The EEP settings force you to walk the exhibit as it reveals itself to you gradually.

A Steampunk’s Guide to Bay City
Every year, Bay City sets up a beautiful mid-centry modern welcome center to provide history and information about the themed mainland community region. This year is no exception. If you’ve not heard of Bay City, do drop by and find out.

Cartoon Factory #S-74 Lippel Alex
More cartoonification of profile pictures. That’s what all the kids are doing these days innit?

Bears Gone Wild – Randy Firebrand SL19B Exhibit
This year’s collection of photos of various Linden Bears and their goings on inworld.

View from the top of the Bears Gone Wild gallery showing a few distant views of bear pictures and the numerous platforms in the gallery

Triniza Secret Gardens
A water garden with a small structgure in the middle in which one finds an extremely well stocked table, a piano if you feel musical, and a desk if you want to get back the work you’re probably supposed to be doing.

Happy Hippo Building School @ SLB 19
A “happy hippo” carousel. A collection of lessons on AV Sitter, a number of gifts and a link their website can all be found around the carousel.

Joyful random Calamity – By Roxksie Logan – SLRandomArtCrew
An eclectic assembly from the aptly named SLRandomArtCrew. There’s even a cake giver. But the cake is probably a lie 😕

Snarly by Mac Kanashimi
A huge cube made of square pipes? Looks nice anyway.

A 60 or so foot cubic sculpture composed of a tangle of differently coloured pipes with square cross section


Wide view of SL19B's Fantasy region

Traffic is picking up slightly in the exhibitor areas as the week goes on. While the big events were going on, it was typically just me in a whole region. Now four or five is not uncommon and at the moment there are about a dozen folks down at the south end of SLB Fantasy. [Turns out there was a meeting at The Lighthouse. See below.]
Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie Center
A shop full of full perm freebies! Browse away!

Rest Area
Ajay McDowwll attempts to fill a restful parcel in the midst of SL19B with those things she loves about Second Life, including restful environments. This is another nice spot to pause and relax in your wanderings.

Looking over a magic circle in a darkened forest glade toward a waterfall

Shergood Heliport
Some awfully big gears here, most of which are helipads for hansom brass choppers. Pick up a free dynamo and fuel pump.

Antiquity Estates #M-154
Information, video about the Antiquity communities… and free paintings!

Petite Acheron
A cute little block of Gerogian buildings. Grab free hair side bows up front.

DaveOSaurus Resident #S-159
Where a hover train experiment appears to be going badly wrong.

An experimental steam hover train bursting out of the upper windows of a train station

Daemon Blackflag #S-158
Kreatures: Behind the Breedable. A sort of behind the scenes look in four stages at how Kreatures breedables go from concept to inworld breedables.

CassieEldemar Writer
A selection of some of Cassie Eldemar’s marvelous minature buildings. A landmark giver will help you find Little Big Designs.

Steampunk Garden SL19B by Monavie Voight
A Victorian steampunk urban garden complete with robots and flying cars. Grab an umbrella, it’s always raining here.

A flying three wheeled vehicle and a robot waving an umbrella in a rainy, pastel hued Victorian style garden

EpitomeLove #M-155
An Arizona in the spring, say mid-19th century, diorama presented by Epitome Island, Epitome Design, and Epitome Radio.

KiD GRiD Steampunk Theatre
An elegant Victorian theater with many landmarks for family friendly locations across the grid.

1896 New Orleans by Guiniverre Despres
Centerpiece build. A brightly coloured depiction of what I imagine is the French quarter in the late 19th century.

Turn of the 20th century city street with jazz musicians playing by a street clock

Steampunk Genteel!
Indeed. A fearfully refined steampunk drawing room is here to relax in. Presented by Jorge Serapis, click the man by the gate for a notecard about Jorge’s history and involvement in Second Life and the Steampunk communities.

Just Glue Some Gears on It – by Jj Yowahoshi
Click the touch me sign to be taken to the underwater (more underwater!) area below. Take a load off on the crystal throne.

Rebel Yell Concerts SL19B Guilty angel Rhapsody #S-165
Another very steampunky setup. This one brought to us by Rebel Yell Concerts, a network of talent for music venues etc.

The Ultimate Steam Punk Hat!
Well OK, they may have a point. Couture Chapeau’s Steam Park: Celebrating the future of steam-powered automation!

A house sized metal top had with pressure gage, smokestack and rivetted band sitting in a garden bordered by a brick walk

Step into the Multiverse!
Fantasy themed area where you can pose beneath floating chairs, books, and a fierce looking dragon.

Dockside Cafe & Emporium
Steam themed cafe and flower shop (free flowers!).

Botanica: Cara’s Crab Shack #S-168
A crab shack and water garden brought to us by Botanica’s holiday themed shops.

XeoLife Roleplay HUD Experience
Displays about the XeoLife HUD and roleplay communities who use it. Turning Second Life into The SIMS?

Septopus Urchin Nabber
An extra-large stone septopus (heptopus?) that somehow contrives to move its tentacles.

From Death to Spring – A Gift from Mindful Cove
Climb the stairs to a lovely gazebo where you can get mindfulness advice from… a cat.

An iron gazebo with a large Japanese maple growing in it under a bright orange sky

A Pirate’s Life: by Iniry Vaher
Just like it sounds. A desert island build from random ship parts, arrrrr.

Elsbeth Writer Photography
A winding brick path takes you through some of Elsbeth Writer’s work.

A brick path winding through a manicured garden with ash and willow trees. Photos are propped on benches and other objects in the garden.

The Lighthouse
This looks like a really worthwhile mental health support group: Trauma, loneliness, anxiety, depression. Drop by for landmarks, group invites, information.

A tall lighthouse with information boards in the foreground

And that’s it for the moment. Time to take a break and see what the (RL) cats have been getting up to. They’ve been awfully quiet 👀


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