SL19B Part 4

Woman in a steampunk top hat standing with The Tapestry of Time building in the background

Where did everybody go? What are all those dots doing up at The Arboretum. The closing ceremony? Completely forgot about that. ☹ Just three more exhibit areas to explore. I’m on a bit of a mission now and don’t have time for ceremonies! (Hopefully I can pick it up on YouTube later.)


Wide view of SL19B's Breathtaking region

Clockwork Castle
More of a Victorian clock tower than a castle, with some pictures of some of the designer’s other work inside. Pickup a free picture frame on the porch.

Brick Victorian clocktower in a misty region

United Artists of SL
Examples of work from artists around the world is displayed in this area.

Steampunk Life at The Fashion Loft
A round of cameos showing some of the steampunk styled outfits one can presumable assemble from The Fasion Loft’s wares. Buy the gift folder for landmarks and a notecard explaining the steampunk aesthetic.

Irish Breen #S-179 Whippet Radio
Whippet Radio’s broadcast studio has moved into an oversized teapot! This was the station that provided radio streaming for the Sci-fi Con last month but SL19B public areas are covered with an SL Aviation radio station this year.

A radio broadcasting booth in a giant teapot

Desires of the moth – 4pril resident
Travel in time to a tea party celebrating Second Life’s 19th birthday. Moths are a theme here. Click the sign at the entry for information on the exhibit.

Designing Worlds
This year’s Designing Worlds studio at SLB. These builds are always worth visiting.

Two armchairs, video cameras and lighting rigs beneath a large brass decoration

Mater Rhode’s Organic Steam
A collection of steamy constructions.

Marcel Mosswood’s Breaking the Times
Where we’re going, we don’t need rails! See the information board to learn about the exhibit and the artist.

A locomotive flying off of disintegrating tracks

JINJA L.Junkers
Seren Budist temple on top of a ship rock.

Midnight Express by Justice Vought
A very nicely done rail station diorama with a locomotive that’s starting to look just a bit dieselpunkish.

An electro/diesel/steam locomotive in the foreground with a large train station concourse in the background.

KI Amusement Rides – SL19B
A small collection of KI’s wares. The gift is a landmark and a “MarchNeon4 (FP)”. I guess I’ll figure that out when I unpack everything.

SL Studios – Projects Showcase
Centerpiece build. These are the guys behind some of the biggest event venues in Second Life. Film Threat’s virtual cinema, the NFL Alumni stadium, Titmouse, Inc. Portal, and the Zenescope Metaverse portal. Great builders.

A huge flying lizard monster surrounded by a wall with keep out signs

Steam Art Cafe by Belle Cloud
Just like it sounds. A central area of tables, chairs, and an impressive steam coffee urn. Surrounding the plaza are a number of abstract artworks.

Safe Waters Foundation Dive into SL Seas
Dive through the pool in the middle of the above water construction to find the underwater (again!) world beneath. Information about SWF to be found there. Dodge the shark to get the gifts.

SLPGA SLB19 Exhibit
There’s an SLPGA. This really should not have surprised me. (Is there going to be an SL LIV? If there is, imma gonna tek up golf!). SLPGA is a partnership of three courses and will soon be starting a tour.

Save the Bees with Buzzy Bee
Exhibit on the pressures facing bees. Informative panels, notecard giver, and group joiner. Also a bee go ’round.

Last Stop by Rapa
Looks like a tram has stopped at a quiet home in rural Japan. There’s an elegant tea house and a small home with surprising furnishings.

Nivanglus Aya
Battletech roleplay? There’s a link and landmark giver you can’t miss, and “chaos Indivisvm” is recruiting.

Teegle’s Muso Testing Laboratories
Suggestions: shared environment, draw distance 32m (?!), ALM. OK. This is a really cute, maze-like warren of laboratories. They’re staffed by mice, hence the maze, I guess.

A mouse looks through a microscope while studying the properties of cheese

Virtual Pioneers
A group learning about history and cultures through Second Life. Step inside for free t-shirts and information.]

Boogie Wonder #S-198
Or Steampunk Dreams by Indigo Ra. From the notecard “I’ve created 7 unique pieces specifically For this year’s Steampunk theme…”

Inworld photos suspended between classical archways

Xplicit Furnishings #S-197
Type the password on the giant keyboard for the gift. Problem, the keycaps on this thing are seriously worn!

The Bot & I
Peter Stindberg III., Esq. educates us about SL bots. What they are. Why they are. What, if anything, to do about them. Some free Discord scripts and goodies to be had.

Elves of Second Life – Ariana Petrova
And if what I saw back during Fantasy Faire 2022 is any indication, there are quite a few elves in Second Life! This exhibit is something of a combination temple/cafe. Another nice place to relax for a bit. (And it appears that elves are fond of electroswing.)

Mistero Hifeng #S-194
A moonrise (set?) piece from Digital Art – Cammino & Vivo. Landmark to the store from the television.

Two partial human figures suspended, the male holding the female. Two dancing figures, center. A piano on the right with a small television beside it. In the background, the moon rises from the water (or perhaps sets into it).


Wide view of SL19B's Electrify region

Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB) #S-201
The BBB is at SLB again and with an even better build, very in theme. All year they’ve been adding embassies on the other SL continents. There are displays about them as well as Bellisseria only services. I do have a caravan on Bellisseria. I really should get a passport at some point.

The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy exhibit suspended by giant prop modules.

Camp Italia for SL19B
A little bit of Italy for SL19B. This year it’s steampunk in Venice.

KTC – Kimpa Tammas Creations
The exhibitor has reproduced one of their earliest experiments with physical prims for SL19B, an hourglass filled with scrabble tiles. Give it a spin!

Resilient Red-X LP Kidd, #M-204
A short, animated film. To view the first episode, explore your way to the viewing platform. Good luck!

A bright red movie viewing platform with bright red and blue patterned ceiling

‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ – Delaney’s Dance Journey
A very big ad for dance animations?

Another streaming station has gone seriously steampunk. (The stream itself sounds more space music though.)

“Until Eternity” By: Chuck Clip
What are the odds I stumble into this while Ennio Morricone is playing? The build is a kinetic sculpture composed of several very tall orbital gears.

MetaHarpers Clockwork Lab
Click on Sparky to start work on repairing the giant robot that has collapsed, blocking most everything. He’ll give you a gift if you fix him up.

A 40 foot tall, rusty robot standing in the middle of the workshop

Julia Millar and Thestardustdiamond Exposure
A collection of inworld photography with a cyberpunk flavour.

Iron Horse by Vanessa Jane (Vanessajane66)
A real iron horse of the rails! Quite the sculpture.

Virtual Abilitiy’s Peer Supporrt Exhibit
This year’s Virtual Ability exhibit is focused on peer support groups for a wide range of conditions. Virtual Ability’s exhits are ones where I almost always carefully go through all the information panels.

The Dive Shop Aquarium
Centerpiece build. Another elevator down to another underwater world. Was there a memo about this that I missed?

A dive shop, information boot and elevator in the midst of a lake. Large tentacles rear up from the water around the platform

Fusion Pro Wrestling
Another wrestling group, with a somewhat different look.

BaylinerBob73 and Abigail xoxo
Clockwork orrery gone very big time.

Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe #S-215
Exhibit by a childrens’ dance academy. Lots of information in the notecard giver inside.

Riding the steampunk energy!

Long view of two rollercoasters

The Steampunk Cafe
You can’t have too many cafes!

Escapades Skull Cave @ SL19B
Arrrr, here be more poirots matey. Actually, very few pirate activities shown inside. But lots of other choices.

Malveaux’s Foundry of Alchemy & Thaumaturgy
A subversive pre-steam build allows this alchemist to continue on with their secret arts.

A large, well-stocked bookcase to the left. A mill wheel in the center, turning inside a magic circle. An alchemist's workbench on the right.

Liam Metaluna
A Japanese pagoda surrounded by a collection of whirligigs.

Robot Park by Grace Loudon
A small park peopled with an assortment of robots, some getting on in years. They seem friendly enough.

Namaara McMoragh and Zinnia Zauber
The Etopia Community. There’s a lot to digest in here. The focus appears to be exploring optinos to engage with your world in positive ways.

JoinMeJoinUs @ SL19B
Sounds like a similar group. This time with a five-word call to connect on social media. Aslo, teleport up if you want to try their obstacle course.

Willow Scouts of Second Life SL19B Display
A display by and about the Willow Scouts of Second Life. There are notecards and information along the path to explain.

Whew! Just one more exhibitor region to go. I’m running out of days, so this is becoming quite an epic wander.


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