SL19B Part 5

The author in profile with the SL19B gift tables in the background. Two KittyCatS steampunk cats center.

I’m down to just one more exhibitor region to explore. So far there has been a great mix of old faves and new exhibitors and groups I have never seen before.

I’m sure the Moles rarely receive rave reviews about the exhibitor regions. Afterall, they are mostly just flat spaces carved up in to parcels for the displays. But I found this year’s arrangement much easier to navigate. The exhibits of different sizes have been rationally placed to make the overall layout easy to stay oriented within. Once again, thanks Moles!


Wide view of SL19B's Enchant region

Leeward CC, Skyward FC, BelliBin
Lots and lots of information on flying and sailing in Second Life. Click the notecard givers for information on where to fly and sail as well as plane and boat makers. Also, recycling bins for your SL home. (Dunno, my SL waste stream is pretty thin.)

SLB19 and ALS Awareness Memorial 2022
Memorials, photos, information on charitable activity. I know there have been a number of Second Life residents who have suffered from ALS, and I’ve known a couple in RL too. I’m glad to see this group is active.

Misfits Sanctuary
SL19B Misfits Exhibit designed by LadyFantaC & Devindenatale in memory of Curzan Alexain. A sort of island of misfit steampunk toys? Actually, a nice little drawing room. And, aren’t we all misfits in SL?

KittyCatS! bring cupcakes To SL19B BirthdayParty!!!
The KittyCatS exhibit! Woot! (OK, I may not be objective in this case.) Like all their exhibits, this one is a lot of fun. You can pick up your free steampunk cats here or at the gift area at The Tapestry of Time (which I already did).

Several cats man a steam powered ship with a birthday cake on its prow. Another couple of cats attempt to manage a hot air balloon while yet another flies by towing a banner.

And another view closer to the water.

A cat in a pool floatie ring tries to catch a goldfish shaped toy in a top hat.

The Stickleys Take a Wrong Turn – iSkye Silverweb
A 20 foot high sculpture of two stick figures riding a bicycle built for two, one of them holding an umbrella. Bit of Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head going on here?

Dinkie steam punk life
A few model dinkies lay about in steampunk garb. No actual dinkies to be seen though. Poor timing again.

DeniseUnicorn Toonie #S-83 (Crystal Steampunk)
A very different looking, crystalline house.

Burners Without Borders in SL (BWBSL)
BWB has a number of groups. Like the others, the SL branch does a number of good works. Relay for Life, One Billion Rising, Darkness into Light… lots of information available on the notice boards.

The Gardens at Grignano – Re-imagined for SL19B
A very lush garden. Hard to describe really. You just have to see it!

A dimly lit, lush garden with two small airships flying over it.

Being fashionable is fun! with Richard and Pel de Grataine
And don’t I know it! 😉 A gallery of steampunk fashions along with information on modeling in Second Life.

Stepping Stones Christian Church at SL19B
Information on services and landmarks for the church’s permanent Second Life home may be found here. According to the sign, there will be services here tomorrow at 7 AM and 7 PM. Prayer bears also available!

SL19B Yavascript Pod Station
Centerpiece build. The Yavapod terminal. I’ll be back.

A timber framed structure over a map of the SL mainland continents. The structure sits in a wide square pool with an access road joining from the left and leaving from the right.

Going Out to the Opera in the Year 2000 – Prokofy Neva #S-87
This is a very tiny opera house, and I don’t see Grouch Marx anywhere!

Bubbles & Pearls Restaurant & Ballroom
Elegant fine dining and live music. Venue rental. Looks well done.

Arts Gif Factory
So, this is where they come from!

CrystalCraze @ SL19B
Grab basket. Grab 50 crystals. Push button for reward. Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow!

Linden Bear Collectors & Bear Castle
Moar Bears. Lots more.

Time to Celebrate by SLEA
The notice board provides instructions on how to decorate a cake for SL19B.

Holocluck’s House of Cards at SL19B
An elegantly furnished drawing room with a group joiner for Holocluck Henly’s Cartoon World and Beyond group. Music, art, exhibits, more…

A dark but well furnished drawing room in Regency style with two wicker sofas, a cluttered coffee table, fireplace with fender, stocked bookcases and several period prints.

The Hawks Aerobatic Team!
Information about the aerobatic team, lots of pictures, and member bios inside.

MtFB Radio
I think this is the SL19B HQ of the outfit that has been running the public area stream for the event. Hmmm, A Mr. B poster but none for Prof. Elemental? Frowns deeply

Catznip SecondLife Viewer @ SL19B
Every year the Catznip team do an epic build and this year is no different. Climb on up and visit the sitting room.

A many stories tall cat sculpture in ancient Egyptian style. There is a sitting room built into its chest and the Catznip logo at its feet.

The Time Machine
Look inside for some humorous takes on Second Life, such as prim mining. Sadly, the time machine itself appears to be on the fritz.

Tindallia Soothsayer – Tindy’s Steampunk Park
A small park around a fountain with a fittingly industrial look.

the Undersea
Not a lot of sea left to be under at this parcel. It all seems to have been drained into a giant water globe next door.

No exhibit from Instituto Espanol this year? ☹ In SL17B they had a fascinating presentation of Aztec afterlife beliefs. For SL18B, they repurposed their pyramid for an immersive, kind of literally, experience about sacred cenotes. I was looking forward to what they might teach us this year. Hopefully they will return for SL20B.

Awesome: The Community Gallery

Wide view of the SL19B Community Gallery exterior

The Community Gallery is new this year. SL19B partygoers can drop photos they feel express their Second Lives at a drop location in the middle of the building. A Mole or Linden, one presumes, has the job of vetting them all. (SLB is a G rated event!) Periodically, the updates are released to the displays all throughout the enormous structure. In fact, more displays have been appearing as the event has gone on and images are rotated on displays.

Two lines of floor standing photo displays topped by meshing gears. Each display is showing an inworld photo uploaded by a resident.

Obviously, a great many pictures have been shared. The residents are enthusiastic about this new SLB activity. I would not be at all surprised if this became a regular thing at SLBs to come.

Beguile: Where it All Began

Now I’m back to where I first landed so many days ago. Beguile is where the main entry point for SL19B is. It is also where you pick up your Swaginator HUD and find the first prize (which is hardly telling tales, there are huge arrows made of sprockets pointing the way to it).

The SL19B main welcome area. An industrial looking archway center with a large circular window above. Tanks of uncertain purpose line the sides.

I really liked this years welcome area. A ragtag (fugitive?) fleet of massive airships immediately sets the theme for the whole event. The steampunk vibe is all around you the moment you first land.

Four massive airships, they might even be called air platforms in a couple instances, hover over the water in SL19B's Beguile region.

Getting down to the last few regions. (The final eight are really just two stages.) But one of those regions contains The Tapestry of Time, where I usually get lost for hours! Oh, that one is next. I’ll see everybody in a while.


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