SL19B Part 6: The Day After the Fair

Woman in a steampunk airship princess dress standing before the entrance to a vast round building. The path she's standing on leads to a huge round doorway.

Almost literally as I’m posting this on the last day I know the SL19B regions to be open. By the time this finally makes it up to the blog, the Moles will probably be feeding the SLB regions to the shredder ☹ If it wasn’t just a temporary thing, it wouldn’t be so precious.

Tapestry of Time

I don’t think of myself as a nostalgic type, but I’m probably wrong about that. Why? Because I probably spend more time at The Tapestry of Time building every SLB than I do at any other location!

I just love going through the amazing history of this world. I go through every year’s panels in detail, even the ones I’ve seen repeatedly every year. There are 20 of them, so this takes a while. (20?! I thought this was SL19B! Yes, but remember we discovered the zero a long time ago. 2003 is year 0.)

A fuller view of the picture above. Woman in a steampunk airship princess dress standing before the entrance to a vast round building. The path she's standing on leads to a huge round doorway.

So, what are we remembering about 2022?

  • The Linden Home Fantasy theme
  • The Zenoscope regions in partnership with Zenoscope Entertainment
  • FilmThreat screenings
  • Sakura Linden Home theme
  • Newbrooke Linden Home theme
  • And Abnor’s used leg shop gets a look in during the photo montage. (See the April 1st video.)
A view of the dark interior of the tapestry of time building showing the gift area in the center and ten panels for ten of Second Life's 19 years.

The Vernian Rotunda

Eight more regions to explore but really, just two more event stages. The four-region corner stage layout has proved very effective for several SLBs now. This year there are three enormous stages. One, The Arboretum, I already looked at earlier as it’s in the far north-east corner of SL19B.

Exterior view of the Vernian Rotunda, a massive round building with tall windows on every face, each with many lights. Great Romanesque arches lead inside while the whole is covered with a weathered copper roof.

The Vernian Rotunda, named after Jules Verne of course, is the simplest, cleanest design of the three. But that does it make it any the lesser of them. The details are amazing. From the golden vines climbing the pillars inside to the texturing of the weathered copper roof, the whole construction is just beautiful.

Interior view of the Vernian Rotunda showing the great ceiling and massive columns. Golden vines climb the columns and the central stage is surmounted by a golden cage.

The Steamworks

The last stage is by far the most thematic of them. The steampunk, big industry vibe is everywhere, both inside and outside this stage.

A distant view of The Steamworks stage building. A large brick factory building with gabled roofs is supported on four titanic jointed iron legs which are splayed out around it. Half a dozen stacks emit smoke.

The space is huge! With two complete stages, a well-stocked bar, gigantic machinery, and an almost endless dancefloor.

Interior view of The Steamworks Stage. Huge electro-mechanical installations surround a wide open dance floor. On the left, one of the stages is setup for a DJ.

Yavapod Tour

And that’s nearly all for SL19B! After exploring every little corner of every region, the only thing left on my list was to take the Yavapod tour, which I really should have done first thing but couldn’t bring myself to set aside the time for.

The author seated in a classic Yavapod with SL19B livery setting out on her last SL19B journey.

For general information, the pod/balloon tour takes a little over an hour. Useless, information as they’ve no doubt been cleaned up by now.

Still it was fun to have one last quick look at everything and make sure there was nothing I missed.

The pod has dropped me back at the terminal. That puts the punctuation mark at the end of SL19B for me. It’s been a really good birthday celebration. From the new live acts I’ve learned about, to the great architecture, interesting presentations, and groups I’d never heard of before… it was a wonderful couple of weeks.

Can’t wait until SL20B. It’s gonna be simply mahvelous.

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