Second Life University 12 – Bug Reports & Jira Tips with Kyle Linden

Strawberry and Kyle Linden seated in armless lounge chairs in a cottage style sitting room. Numerous cats surround them.

Another installment of Second Life University and this one, the twelfth, is another visit from a Linden to talk about some of the details of SL. This time, how to use the Jira to submit feature requests and bug reports.

After about 2:40 of introduction where we learn about Kyle and how he got started as a Linden, we get right down to it.

The Second Life Jira ( is used for bug reports and feature requests. The video takes you through creating a new feature request (and later the difference between submitting a feature request and a bug report).

Kyle notes that while the voting feature of Jira that many may be familiar with is not really used for Second Life, communication is two way. The team will frequently ask questions and go back and forth with the reporter to make sure they fully understand the request or issue.

He goes over what it means to be a watcher of a report and how to become one. How frequently feature requests are reviewed and a few details on how. (Spoiler, a lot of people are involved in reviewing feature requests.)

The big tips are:

  • The more details the better
  • For bugs, step-by-step to reproduce is ideal if possible and make the steps as simple to follow as you can
  • Screenshots
  • Videos
  • Second Life log files are all helpful

Another tip is to remember to use the Jira for bug reports and feature requests. Filing a support ticket is not the right path, although the option is very nearby on the menu. The Jira is the best and fastest route to get a bug report or feature request before the correct audience.

Kyle also noted that the Jira isn’t just for viewer/grid issues. All of the Second Life web properties are covered by the Jira as well.


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