Time to Get Ready for Fall!

It’s nearly August (!) and the quiet time after SLB is coming to an end, or at least it will by late September. Given the speed at which this summer is going, that’s probably in what? Another week or two?

Ad for the 3rd annual SL Renaissance Festival. The background shows an unpaved path between groves of evergreens leading toward a large wooden building. Snowcapped mountains rise in the distance.

The 2022 Second Life Renaissance Festival benefitting Strides Against Breast Cancer will run from September 23rd through October 2nd. Merchant registration is open.

Sci-Fi Expo ad with the event title and dates superimposed over a close up of an astronomical image.

October 14th will see the return of Sci-Fi Expo, also benefiting Strides Against Breast Cancer. The Expo will run through October 23rd. The theme is “Voyage Through the Stars.” Registration for exhibitors, performers, and bloggers is open at https://scifiexpo.org/exhibit-info/.

I’ve made it to the Expo for several years running now and have always enjoyed it. Last year’s builds were really amazing. Hope to see more wonderful regions with awesome exhibitors this year too.

A future technology re-imagining of the Arecebo radio telescope fills a rocky valley under a vast sky dome on some distant planet.
Arecebo II – From Sci-Fi Expo 2021

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