A Few New Cafés to Visit

A dark-haired woman in a white top looks pensively out at the viewer. In the background, lamps hang from a tree while a squirrel stands by a noticeboard

Several cafés have appeared in the destination guide and editor’s picks lately. I collect cafés, as anybody who pays attention to the banner images of my posts has probably worked out. So, following a busy month or two (or three) in RL, I decided to limit my work to lounging around the new spots to try them out.

Toe Beans Cat Café & Rescue


A view of a sales counter at a cafe. In the foreground, a cat makes off with a pastry.

The first new, or at least new to me – I think all three of the locations I’m writing about today are newish – location I visited is Toe Beans Cat Café & Rescue. Located on a cozy little parcel (1,328 m2) in the northern section of Heterocera, this lavishly decorated spot should make a great hangout. It’s set up with nice, warm lighting environment settings and is already dressed in full fall colours for the changeover to autumn (here in the northern hemisphere at least).

There are plenty of places to sit. There’s seating in the café itself as well as in the adjoining sunroom. There are also tables outside.

Two side-by-side images of seating at the cafe; one inside the sunroom, the other outside under an umbrella.

The cats have definitely taken over. However, they are mostly well behaved. They did not bother my coffee. (I did not get a pastry.) Group members may share photos of their RL cats on the notice board inside and there’s another board of cats to “rescue”. (The one I checked was L$25. I’m not sure if these are breedables, animated, or static props.)

A woman in a black skirt and white top stands in the doorway to the cafe. Cats lounge on a bench to the left while other cats play around a pumpkin and fallen leaves. A cat off to the right sleeps on the porch. More cats can be glimpsed inside.

Toe Beans Café sits across the street from another very well decorated lot, adding to the atmosphere. I found it well attended. There are three others here as I’m taking notes, though I’m afraid I’m being all task focused and not very social.

Jitters Waterfront Pier


Next up is another mainland build, Jitters Waterfront Pier. It’s both a café and a pier. In fact, the parcel spreads out halfway across the lake and includes a set of waterfront buildings on the far side. This is a big parcel near the southern tip of Satori, at the end of Route8C.

A woman looks through a telescope. In the distance, a lighthouse stands on a rocky outcrop in a lake.

Inside there’s a great selection, but you sit and chat outside. A couple of groups of chairs, one by a fire. A pair of tables with umbrellas, and some lounge chairs by the telescope, positioned to look out over the lake. All of this set in nicely done autumnal decoration.

A customer ponders her choices at the cafe counter. An espresso machine is on the right, with a freshly drawn cup ready. Center and far left are cabinets containing pastries.

Lots of animal life. There are foxes, birds, a squirrel, cat, owl, ghost dog… Also a cat that’s been a little too curious about a coffee cup. It makes sense that the site is affiliated with The Nature Collective [https://www.naturecollectivesl.com] Jitters is taking part in their fall hunt.

Woman sitting on a sofa by a brick outdoor fireplace. A small fire is burning. Across from the woman, a fox is curled on the floor.

Though it was empty while I was taking notes and pictures, I have seen plenty of people here every other time I’ve visited.

There’s a guest book you can sign, which I did not. (I am the wind. I leave no trace. I either vanish into the night or disappear in the fog.)

Pumpkin Spice Cafe & Cinnamon Park


A view of a modern structure with a number of standing height tables with tall chairs outside.

And we wrap up with one more mainland café. Mainland is popular this week! This one is on Route 9 in Jeogeot. Sitting on a mid-sized parcel at 3072 m2, it’s certainly the boldest architectural statement of today’s three cafés. The Furnishings inside match the expectations set by the outside, mostly very modern with strong echoes of mid-century.

You’re never alone here as there is a host of static prop customers around the entrance and sales counter. There’s no wildlife, but plenty of seating, both on the patio out front and upstairs, which is where all the really comfortable chairs are to be found.

A large upstairs room with several sofas and numerous well upholstered chairs.

This spot does not appear to be receive heavy traffic. I’ve run into a few people here before, but nobody came while I was working here today.

If you get bored sitting around drinking coffee (this can happen?) Cinnamon Park is right next door where you can wander a short loop through trees and shrubs.

That’s all the time I have for café lurking right now. It’s time I got started on decorating my ground level for Halloween. I failed to pack last year’s spooky forest into a rezzer, but it’s time I did something different anyway.


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