2022 SciFi Expo is Underway

The author sits in a modernist chair at the Javik Station exhibit. She is gazing curiously into the middle distance and wears a shiny black tank top with a stylized numeral 3 prominent on the front.

This year’s SciFi Expo in Second Life kicked off on the 14th and will run through the 24th (which is break-down day). I’m writing from the Javik Station exhibit where I’m rocking my new Roller Ball tank top from here. More about that later.

A woman with long white hair in a futuristic, turquoise jacket looks out over the core of a space ship. She can see various travel lanes filled with people and machines.

Where last year’s Expo was built around several regions, each depicting one aspect of a newly colonized exoplanet, this year’s theme is “Voyage Through the Stars.” The whole four region construction makes up one giant ship, perhaps moving through hyperspace. It’s a build with scale and lots of views through the central area. So up your draw distance. I found 256m to be the minimum and 384m for photos.

A pair of people look around at the information displays in a wide futuristic lobby. There are nested, rotating rings above them and a glowing flier dodges amongst them.

The main entry area is in a region sponsored by Brougham & Darkstone. Here you’ll find displays providing lots of information about the event, what’s going on when, and the cause, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The SciFi Expo group is active with updates about what’s going on with around the event.

A woman in a short, turquoise tunic and matching over the knee boots looks through a visor while pondering a collection of large crystals in bowls. Most of the crystals are a dark gray colour but some glow green, yellow, or blue.

The walkway forms a ring around the central core of the ship. Shops are aligned along the outer wall keeping the view into the ship clear. There appear to be no vacancies this year. Each region has a sponsor and their, naturally larger, shops are at the midpoint in each region. Across from each sponsor shop is a key location; main landing area, event stage, silent auction venue, and the Memory Garden. That’s what’s across from me as I write.

The memory garden is a wonderful idea! You can donate through a crystal and attune a dedication. The amount donated determines the colour the attuned crystal will glow. There are plenty left so if you want to light a high-tech candle to a loved one, here’s your opportunity!

A quarter of the way around the station from here is the event stage. It’s roomy and has a built-in light show. It was quiet while I was there, but even so there were a few beings dancing.

There are lots of shops to browse. Lots of event exclusives. Yeah, I went over budget. My downfall was the afore mentioned Roller Ball tank top from here at the Javik Station area. However, all proceeds to the cause, and I’m very happy with it.

Hmm… looks around to see if James Caan is about.


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