SL20B Is Coming! SL20B Is Coming!

A woman with white hair in long pigtails and an artificial arm sits at a table looking toward the viewer. In the foreground are some machines of uncertain purpose, a computer monitor, a coffee thermos and cup, and a zoomed in image of her eye.

Tonight, I’m writing from Blade Runner Future Noir. I’ve been exploring it and taking pictures all week. I think I’m getting closer to Tyrell’s place, but just as I was about to try another door, a nicely dressed gentleman said he wanted a word. Now he’s going on about some tortoise in the hot sun in the desert. Hope this doesn’t take too long.

The SL20B banner image from Linden Lab
from Linden Lab

Meanwhile, in the rest of the grid… in case you’ve somehow missed it, SL20B has been announced along with the theme for this year’s celebrations. The announcement is the official opening of applications for Music Fest and general performers. The celebrations will run from Jun 22nd through July 11th, three weeks!

The official 20th birthday of SL will be on June 23rd. 20 years! Wow! And I’ve only seen about fifteen of them.

The theme for this year is “Our Fantastic Future”. It is envisioned that this theme will be realized – query, can you realize something in a virtual world? – in builds that include ideas of eco-futurism, sustainability, and environment.

I’m afraid this means lots of blue, clear skies. After spending so much time in Blade Runner Los Angeles and New Babbage, I’m just not going to be used to air I can’t see.

Anyway, super looking forward to this! Blocking out my calendar for late June now.


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