Applications Have Opened for SL20B Performers and Volunteers

SL20B Logo from Linden Lab
from Linden Lab

Applications for various roles in the upcoming 20th birthday celebrations for SL are now available. (They have been for days. I’m just slow, as usual.) The official news can be found in this blog post from 3rd.

Key Dates

Apr 9th

Also known as tomorrow (!) Applications close for Music Fest performers. Application form here.

May 14th

Applications close for…

Jun 22nd

SL20B celebrations open.

Jun 23rd

Second Life turns 20!

Jul 11th

SL20B celebrations close ☹

SLB is one of my most fave events of the year. A big thanks to all the performers and volunteers from SLBs past. Looking forward to seeing what the performers will be getting up to this year.

Now for some serious thinking. Will I be selfish and just swan about SL20B, shamelessly enjoying it for myself, or will I be a citizen and volunteer to help out? I’ll have to ask RL (which I don’t believe in!) and see if it will allow me enough time to do both.


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