Fantasy Faire 2023 Begins!

The author ponders the wonder of Fairelands Junction 2023. A woman with long white hair with ponytails looks out over a gray blue crystalline landscape.

Actually, it began a couple days ago, but today is the first day I’ve been able to make it to the fairelands.

The season for big events in Second Life has begun. Sci-fi Con has been and gone. (Missed it ☹. It’s been a %&#@ing crazy month.) Fantasy Faire has started and runs through May 7th. Coming up in June, SL20B. That I’m soooo looking forward to!

Fairelands Junction

Sponsored by Secrets of Gaia and designed by Saiyge Lotus (who was on the Litfest Tour of Spirits Crossing this afternoon as the CUTEST mushroom!)

Anyway, I landed at Fairelands Junction and had a good long look at the welcome area. Do take advantage of this little corner of Fantasy Faire. Here you will find lots of links to faire information.

A collection of vendors and signboards sit before a crystal hill. Crystalline trees rise in the background. Crescent moon topped lanterns float above the signs.
  • A notice board informs us that the memorial candles are back this year. More on those later.
  • There’s a group joiner so you can keep up with events and faire chatter.
  • Next is a teleport HUD giver.
  • Information about Litfest Tours is available
  • The party ships return. Live at the Fairechylde. DJ bios and party schedule here.
  • Shopping Guide!
  • Literary Festival information, including event calendar.
  • Arts & Entertainment information: Performance schedule and galary information.
  • There’s a notice board for the Masked Ball
    Spoiler alert: there are two. Saturday April 29th, 12:00 to 14:00 SLT and Friday May 5th, 18:00 to 20:00 SLT.
  • Another information board will catch you up on roleplay events for this faire.
  • Then, hanging off to the side, is a sign about this year’s fairelands quest: The Magic of Dragons.
  • Finally, pick up this year’s freebie, a broomstick. Hmm, in this gown I need a sidesaddle version.
A large collection of portals to other faire regions sits around a crystal plaza. Several small figures stand in the area between them.

As usual, I will be slowly circumnavigating the fairelands on foot. But for those on a mission, the usual collection of teleport portals can be found adjacent to the welcome area. Walking through any of these will immediately take you to another region in the fairlands.

Four memorial candles sit in the foreground. Distant crystal towers and trees can be seen behind them. One of the memorial candles is lit.

Taking either path from the welcome area, you’ll soon come to halls where compact builds, worldlings, by various artists can be viewed. Aptly named, they present windows into other worlds. Your imagination can fall through the portals into different realms. Some winners: MeridelGray’s host of dwarves marching through snowy mountains to their halls, another beautiful inkwash landscape by FionaFei, one of Cassie Eldemar’s tiny homes (a Victorian (Edwardian?) mansion this time). Softpaw Sommer’s kitten henge gets an award for whimsy.

The memorial candles can be found on the ledges of the great crystal pillars you’ll encounter along the path. Each costs a modest L$100. As they are purchased by fairegoers, more will be set out on towers that are as yet bare. Again this year I lit a candle for all those we’ve lost.


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