Fantasy Faire 2023 – Nova Nadiya

A heavily tattooed woman with long white hair in ponytails, wearing a red and black gown gazes thoughtfully up into the distance. Grass and bracken along a rough stone path recede into the background.

I’ve found a convenient bench while waiting for the Listfest tour of Fairelands Junction to begin. As the tour goers gather, I’ll scribble a few notes about my exploration of Nova Nadiya.

A very diverse group of avatars gather around a tour guide in the dark, medieval region of Spirits Crossing.

In between exploring Fairlands Junction and Nova Nadiya, I went on an earlier Litfest tour; this one of Spirits Crossing. Tomorrow I will fully explore the region, but it was fun and interesting to get some perspective on it first.

The tours this year, so far, have been well attended. This one must have started with around thirty avatars in attendance. Throughout, the region held just under sixty residents. Can’t imagine trying to do this in the SL of old!

Nova Nadiya

Sponsor: Unity Maxim
Designer: Elizabeth Tinsley & Garvie Garzo

A broken ox cart, partly covered in snow, sits in the middle of a bleak winter landscape. Snow and frozen grass cover the foreground while snowbound trees stand in the background. A low, weak sun provides flat illumination to the scene.

Nova Nadiya is a land frozen in time. Damaged by war, it has been sleeping under frost against the hope that one day it might be made whole again, and able to support the people who defended it from an ancient evil before.

This is the site of this year’s Fairlands Quest: The Magic of Dragons. And indeed, I did find a couple of young dragons lounging by the lake. What part will they play in the quest? We can find out next week, when the quest opens on Monday the 24th. Until then at least, the land will continue to sleep.

A woman with long white hair in a red and black gown stands close by a young resting dragon. A second dragon in the background is craning its neck to look at something in the distance to the left. An odd glowing creature floats over the woman observing the first dragon. In the background, a snowy landscape of trees and rocks can be seen.

And now the tour of Fairlands Junction is about to begin. It looks like the region’s designer will be tagging along. Hopefully we’ll learn even more about the region and its construction!


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