Fantasy Faire – Spirits’ Crossing

A woman with long white hair in ponytails sits by a collection of giant mushrooms.

Today’s spot for resting and writing is the Stump Theater in Fungalmire. I’m scribbling these notes while waiting for the interview with Anne Louise Avery to start.

This morning was spent exploring the Spirits Crossing region of Fantasy Faire 2023. The designers description says that these are twin cities that were caught in a long ago battle. Reality was torn asunder and now only a few brave residents remain.

Aerial view of a darkened medieval town under a brown gray sky. The outer walls are partly in ruin.

Sponsor: The Looking Glass
Designers: Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee

My first look at this region was actually during the Litfest tour yesterday. What I learned then was that something awful happened to these cities long long ago. The only living memory of the battle resides in the twisted willow trees that dot the landscape. [The guide mentioned that the designers were leaving much of the interpretation of the story to visitors.]

Starting at the Nova Nadiya entrance today, I encounter a medieval town dark, and vacant. The walls are partially ruined. Most of the windows are dark, but a few upper ones here and there are dimly illuminated. Who’s there and what are they doing?

Floating crystal lamps are chained to the ground in a town square surrounded by darkened buildings. They all appear vacant.

Throughout the town, pale crystal lamps float from chains anchored in the ground. How do they defy gravity? Where did they come from? Who enchanted them or chained them in place? What influence to they have beyond light? Nobody knows.

Also scattered about the town are small circular plinths. Some with chairs or benches made from twisted branches. Often there are tiles with runes on them scattered nearby. What do they mean? (On one is a horn that I sounded. Did I summon something I shouldn’t have?)

A woman with long white hair in ponytails looks curiously at a table on which an odd glowing lantern and strange stones have been placed. The surface of the table is covered in strange symbols. There are tiles with runes set  haphazardly on it as well. Partly ruined stone walls recede in the background.

In one instance, a curious table is set amongst four chairs, again made from twisted branches, and upholstered with boughs, some fresh. Somebody is maintaining things then? On the table is a curiously glowing lamp with rune tiles and strange stones placed around a tabletop reminiscent of a sundial. Similar arrangements are to be found elsewhere, sometimes with just a pair of stools to sit on. What are the items arranged on the tables for? Who has set them out and keeps them up?

The lamps by the stairways are always lit. Somebody must come out to do that sometime.

The white haired woman in the long blue gown stands on a precarious make-shift bridge of planks over a break in the stone arch which spans a deep chasm. A river runs swiftly at the bottom of the ravine. Mysterious lights can be seen drifting above it.

The cities are divided by a deep chasm through which runs a river far below. The bridge has partly collapsed (or been pulled apart?) long ago. But someone has placed planks across the gap. Step carefully.

Mysterious lights can be seen deep in the gorge. Occasionally they rise up above the level of the bridge. Nobody seems to know what they are. The spirits of Spirits’ Crossing?

The ruins of a round temple surround a large statue of a robed woman holding a bowl. Many lighted candles line the steps up to the temple.

Tucked away in a quiet corner is a partly ruined temple, the Enigma Oracle. Enigmatic it is, and beautiful. Candles are kept lit all along the entry stairs.

A heavily tattooed woman with long white hair gazes in fascination at a small bright floating light.

At the bottom of the gorge, there is a rough track of stones washed up by the river. After crossing from one side to the other over pairs of logs, you find a bench somebody has placed not far below the falls. Here, in the solitude of the deep canyon, the mysterious lights will pay you visits. I still do not know what they are, but they do not seem evil in the slightest.


This is the first shopping region in the fairelands that I have visited so far. Shops to be found here include:

  • Air
  • Falconry
  • [NI.JU]
  • KMH
  • Star Journey
  • Hawkers House
  • emotivation
  • The Looking Glass (where it appears that much that makes up the town can be purchased)
  • Punkin Blend
  • Titans
  • Repulse
  • Cole’s Corner
  • Enchanted Fantasy
  • Zoom
  • EED Home & Garden
  • Chloe in Wonderland
  • Akipelago
  • Trap
  • ED Clothing & Weapons
  • Flying Horse Head Studios
  • FAS


Later today I’ll trek through Dingir, but for the moment I’m still sitting in Fungalmire enjoying a fascinating interview with Anne Louise Avery. There are about 35 avatars in the audience. Great to see it so well attended.


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