Fantasy Faire 2023 – Nysaris

A woman with long white hair wearing a simple white dress sits on a stone bench at an agora. Trees shade the bench. In the background, a few empty classic Greek vases sit.

Tonight I explore the Fantasy Faire 2023 region Nysaris.

Sponsor: Belle Epoque & Harshlands
Designers: Kadaj Yoshikawa & Janire Coba

A shaft of sunlight spills into a darkened hall, which is yet lit by numerous candles. At the center of the distant end of the hall, a tall statue of a female warrior figure stands bearing a shield. Two rows of richly painted frescos line the walls. Secondary memorials stand in the center of either side wall.

My first stop is the hall of heroes. Turning to the right (having entered from Sialdor) and walking by the quayside, past the statues of the seasons with Laocoon and his sons, I come to the entrance to the great hall, about which I will simply post a picture and advise that you also visit and read the names of the heroes.

Next stop, Viki to pick up something more appropriate to wear here. All my Fantasy Faire wear tends to be medieval or Victorian. I need something more classical. A bit short for a peplos, but it will do!

A woman with white hair wearing a short, ancient Greek style dress sits on a stone bench while looking out over the agora. Trees shade the bench and there are large vases in the background.

A classical Greek town, Nysaris was once the site of a great battel between gods, their followers and an ancient evil. Now a peaceful place, the memory of the warriors’ sacrifice is preserved in the hall of heroes.

A strong Mediterranean vibe fills the region. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun (which given how cool it’s gone where I live, is very welcome). The town is in very good repair, though some of the streets are covered in sand and hardy grasses. None of the buildings or walls are in disrepair. There are tree shaded benches to rest on if shopping has tired you out.

A substantial temple sits near the highest point in the town. Tiled roofed shops surround the temple.

Overall I really like Nysaris. It has a warm, peaceful feel. It’s enjoyable to just relax here for a bit as well as shop.

No tumbledown ancient ruin, this is a living, breathing Greek town from the classical period. There’s not even a threatening volcano on the horizon!

And yes, it’s also a shopping region, which is just as well as I was able to get an outfit to fit in almost immediately after walking across the boundary.


  • Viki
  • Hexed
  • Eventyra
  • Paper Moon
  • Rainnn
  • Ari-Pari
  • Mesh Entity Furniture & Homes
  • Raindale
  • Oiche
  • Del-ka Aedilis
  • 1313 Mockingbird Lane
  • Drunken Brokkr
  • Les Encantades
  • Simply Shelby
  • Belle Epoque
  • Harshlands
  • Swank & Co.
  • Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
  • Ashbourne & Burleigh Couturier
  • Laminak
  • Bonk!
  • Abaddon Arts
  • Arkivet
  • [VIT]
  • Achroma
  • Lore
  • Empire of Crowns

Tomorrow’s region is Opera. No idea what to expect there.


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