Fantasy Faire 2023 – Opera

I’m not standing anywhere remotely photogenic while I’m writing so, no banner for this post.

The next region on the list is Opera.

Sponsor: Fallen Gods Inc.
Designer: Alia Baroque

A green hillside rises in the foreground. A paved road runs up it's right side while carefully tended vineyards cover it to the left. Near its crest, tall narrow trees border the grassy slopes. The road runs under an archway into a large, tile roofed villa. In the distance A huge castle rises above a rocky prominence. A high overlook just out improbably from the castle.

The region’s description on the Fantasy Faire website, “Baroque decadence, whispering curtains, bucholic debauchery.” Hmmm. That leaves a lot to interpretation.

My first impression is that I’ve wandered on to a pre-renaissance Tuscan estate. Or perhaps I’ve just strayed on the backlot of a production of Much Ado About Nothing. (Either is fine with my by the way.)

Well managed lawns surround carefully tended vineyards and tall narrow trees dot the landscape. All of this leading up to a fairytale castle/estate on top of the hill. Portions of the rocky promontory on which the castle is perched have been carved with Rushmore scale statues. No presidents here though. Instead, vaguely mournful figures support the foundations of the palace.

A faint, aged fresco with the family motto painted above an angelic figure decorates a wall by a potted, narrow evergreen tree. In the distance, the tiled Greek style buildings of Nysaris can be seen and fit harmoniously with Opera's architecture.

On the technical building side, the textures are very good. Everything looks properly aged and the surfaces have a warm, rich look to them. The overall style does not clash at all with the neighbours.

Similar to Nysaris, secluded corners offer shaded benches where you can lay down your parcels and rest for a bit.

The tiny figure of the author, who is wearing a 2-dimensional low lag avatar for the day, looks out from between battlements at the top of a tall turret in the foreground. Behind the turret, towers, stairs and the main body of the castle rise even higher. High clouds temporarily block the sun.

It’s often worth turning aside from the main path. At one point, there’s a narrow sward of grass by the side of the castle that leads to a precarious overlook toward the north. Further along, after traversing a long arcade facing east and taking a quick turn to the right I find myself at the top of a castellated turret. There’s quite a few from here.

A wide paved way leads into a high plaza bordered by tile roofed buildings. On the right, part of one building rises as a tall bell tower. Pigeons strut about in the foreground. In the center of the plaza, a statue of a veiled relining woman rests on rough dark pedestal.

At the top is a beautiful plaza dominated by a striking statue. All of the statues appear somewhat mournful I notice. A cantilevered walkway leads to a truly vertiginous viewpoint. (Oh by the way, step carefully near the statue.)

The tile roofed pinnacle of a tower just out into the foreground but there is no tower below it. It appears to float at the end of a cantilevered walkway from the plaza in the background. It is open with columns supporting the tented roof. A giant female statue appears to help hold it up.

Like most Fantasy Faire regions, this is a shopping location. Shops I found while gawking at the architecture:

  • Thus Magic
  • Moonley Inc.
  • Polenth’s Mushporium
  • Astalianda
  • Golden Unicorn Fireworks
  • God Mod
  • Arkona
  • Tentacio
  • Love Fashions
  • EXiA
  • Find the Fish
  • Poet’s Heart
  • Attitude is an Artform
  • deviousMind
  • meadowWorks
  • Dandelion Daydreams Factory
  • Fallen Gods
  • Aleutia
  • Show Society
  • Faida
  • Lacrime dell’anima
  • Velvet Whip
  • Artisan Fantasy
  • On A Lark
  • ZCCentuaury
  • Between The Stars
  • Balderdash
  • House of Rfyre

Now, on to Glimmering Meadows!


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