Fantasy Faire 2023 – Safe Haven

A set of cushions surrounds an empty fire pit in a sandy landscape before a rock wall. There are tents pitched right and left. On the left, a woman dances while another near the center of the image keeps rhythm. A 3rd woman sits on a cushion at far left, watching the other two.

I’m in the region of Safe Haven now. I’ve found a comfortable spot down in the oasis to sit and write while a dancer entertains.

Sponsors: Sweet Revolutions & Teleperion Design
Designers: Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Mondi Beaumont

“The Oasis is a place of peace, community, colorful gathering, where pure-hearted beings are given the chance to find a safe refuge from persecution and the fulfillment of their deepest desires.”

From the designer’s description.

The full name of this area is Safe Haven – The Oasis Of Mana’Olana. A legendary desolate continent wherein is found a bazar where merchants purvey all manner of magical and fantastic goods. Somewhere, a dangerous path through ancient ruins leads to an oasis of hope.

A rocky, sandy street recedes in the distance. Two story adobe buildings line the street on either side. In the distance, where the street turns to the right, a domed building can be seen. The sky is orange red with white clouds. In the right foreground, a woman climbs one of the larger rocks as she makes her way up the street.

I’ve walked from an Afrocentric fantasy landscape into a middle eastern desert. This is a fiery land. Barren rocks and sand cover the ground. The houses are of dry adobe. Some of the few trees around have burnt red leaves that sweep upward. Even the trees look like they are on fire. They sky is a hot red orange, contributing to the arid desert ambience.

Several stone and adobe buildings surround a rocky depression. One large building in the foreground is supported by an enormous flying carpet. A genie emerges from a great lamp to support the carpet.

Making my way by the shops to the top of the hill, where the street turns to the right and ascends a little further, I see the coolest landing area yet. An entire building supported by a flying carpet! This build has imagination!

A beautiful oasis fills a depression in a rocky landscape. Above the rock walls, large adobe and stone buildings surround the depression. Within the oasis are streams, trees, camps, amphitheaters, and pathways.

The path to the oasis is not really all that hazardous 😉. It’s even well marked as you walk near the WooHoo Bay entrance. There’s so much to see around the oasis! Lots of places to relax and enjoy the cool waters. A couple of amphitheaters. A cave of memories. And, if you look hard enough, a tree of life.

The oasis is a lovely location and I’m sure I’ll be back to relax here later.


Yes, this is another shopping region. As you browse the shops, don’t forget to look up on the rooftops. There are outside stairs to most of them and they are very nicely decorated!

  • Sounds Great!
  • Mirage
  • Unique Obsession
  • Collect Décor
  • My View
  • Thrive
  • Audition
  • RVi Design
  • Icaland
  • Pavlonia Deco
  • Teleperion Designs & Sweet Revolutions
  • FAC Creations
  • Torgon’s
  • Garden of Hedone
  • BLD
  • Global Nomads
  • Art Too’s
  • Floro
  • Butanik83

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