Fantasy Faire 2023 – WooHoo! Bay

A woman with long white hair in ponytails gazes off to her left from the right edge of the frame. Behind her, a cinema door flanked by movie posters, mostly sci-fi, mostly bad, can be seen.

I’ve fully wandered three Fantasy Faire regions today and just finished setting up for movie night back at the home parcel. I’m beat! All good fun though. Looking forward to finding out which dreadful movie we select for tonight’s “entertainment”.

Meanwhile, WooHoo! Bay.

Sponsors: Soul & PolyPlace
Designer: Lrriven

A city of cold white stone buildings sits around a distant volcano. The city surrounds a bay of vivid blue water. A peninsula jutting into the bay hold a single huge try whose branches droop nearly back to the ground. In the bay itself, four giant lizard men hold up cold blue flames.

There is a sharp difference from the previous few regions and this one. If the blue cast and densely star filled sky were not enough of a clue, the phalanx of giant fire lizards bearing cold blue flames certainly is.

The designer describes this as “whimsical land”. So far I have no reason to doubt that. Around any corner, some surprise might wait. A tiny poisonous drake (they’re part of the region quest). Or a café where the furniture is all some sort of confection.

And then there’s the region quest, if you so desire. Collect the HUD near the entrance and find out what happens to people who touch the drakes.

The architecture looks like it started with indigenous south-west American but then folded in several other styles. Cold gray rock instead of adobe, large picture windows with a bit of a modernist feel.

The path zig-zags up the hill, bordered as usual with shops. Once you reach the top where the landing area and flagship shops are, you have two very long stairways to choose from. One descends to the peninsula that sticks out into the bay, on which is a lonely tree. The other rises to the top of the mountain behind the city.

A broad set of stone stairs leads to a landing overlooking the lava filled crater of an active volcano. Material is being ejected from the crater and arcing off to the left.

At the top of the upper stair, there is a landing where you can get a good look at the volcano at work. There is no guard rail.


  • Water Horse
  • NeverWish
  • Menkoi
  • The Swannery
  • Bloo Cat Creations
  • Kitty Moon
  • Ailurian Artificats
  • Lush Bunny Cupcakes
  • Dabble
  • RiG!
  • Rivendale
  • Soul
  • PolyPlace
  • Messer Company
  • BamPu Legacies
  • Grayshadow Art
  • Tehya Dreams
  • Bubbles!
  • The Dark Fae
  • Shiniest of Shinies
  • Archduchess
  • Velvet Reflections
  • Moonforest
  • Pink Moon
  • Ye Olde Panda
  • Chouko Rosa
  • Studio Dire

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