Fantasy Faire 2023 – Sambeaubee

A woman with long white hair standing on a green lawn looks out over a beach and brown orange island. Green trees and orange arches can be seen in the background.

Another art and events region, Sambeaubee is where all the really big events like the masked ball take place.

Sponsor: The Akipelago
Designers: Gidgette Adagio, Lilia Artis & Haveit Neox

A pair of pink flamingos sitting on a rock in the foreground kiss making a heart shape with their necks. Giraffes wander in green fields in the distance. In the far background, glass domed stone towers rise above some arches and trees.

Right at the start we have a beach, flamingos, and giraffes. How can this region lose?

In the foreground, a woman stands in a large stone gazebo. Stairs go up the hill behind it to a short stone tower with a glass dome.

As with Sipala, there’s no one route through this region. As you wander about you’ll find all kinds of special little spots, like this pair of gazebos/towers on the hill toward the north.

A long, stone paved way bordered by slim stone arches runs past a fountain where statue giraffes turn around on a hidden mechanism. In the far distance, a tower made of giraffes standing on one another rises high above the fairelands.

Sambeaubee is a transition region in terms of design. It starts out lush and green like Sipala but starts to transition to the much warmer tones of Giraphoria, which borders it on the other side, about midway through.

I missed the first masked ball, with luck I’ll be able to make the backup one and see this region in its full glory.


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