Fantasy Faire 2023 – Sipala

A woman in a gray square necked gown stands in a grassy meadow with stone structures behind in the middle distance. A blue flowered path leads back and to the right to a set of over grown stone stairs.

Sipala is one of the few non-shopping regions in the fairelands. It is the home of Fantasy Faire Radio and the Live at the FaireChylde events. In short, a party region.

Sponsor: Melodic Effect
Designer: Gidgette Adagio

There are no designer’s notes or backstory for this region on the web page. So I’ll just have to make everything up!

A stone and glass bridge leads to a green shore. A series of free-standing stone arches, each about 30' tall, mark a blue flowered path that runs away from the viewer. On the left of the first arch is an ancient hardwood tree, fully leafed out. An evening sky with high clouds arches over the scene. Flying toward the arches, giant luminous cyan butterflies surround the foreground.

The first thing I notice is that butterflies are a thing here. Immediately on entering from Isles of Aquarius, I’m surrounded by giant luminous cyan butterflies. They’re making their way in the same direction I am, toward the path marked out by yet more free-standing stone arches. The butterflies are beautiful and eye catching. I wonder if there are equally large flowers around for them to feed on.

The second thing that strikes me is that this region may not have an explicit backstory, but it sure looks like it has history. These arches are all partly or mostly overgrown with vines. They look aged, as though they have stood here for hundreds of years. The pathways are smooth and well laid out, but are covered in vegetation, mostly blue flowers. Stone stairways have been built at steep places along the paths, but the land and plants have started to reclaim them. I wonder what the original purpose was for all these structures.

A flying wooden ship with a halo of triangular sails floats in the center of the view. The ship is white while its sails fade from bright orange and yellow at the top to cream at the bottom. Leafy patterns are printed into the sail fabric. Several avatars can just be made out dancing on the deck of the ship.
Below , stone arches mark a pathway in a green landscape. Rocky islands float in the sky in the background.

The FaireChylde party ship is back this year. Follow the signs to FaireChylde. Climb the overgrown stone steps up to the ridge and follow it along to the boat. You can check the party schedule to see when a DJ will be rocking the ship.

A series of free-standing stone arches mark a blue flowered path that recedes in the left center of the view. A monarch butterfly with a wingspan of several feet clings to the right column of the nearest arch. A luminous blue-cyan butterfly, only slightly smaller, is perched on top of the arch. Another giant yellow and black butterfly can be seen a ways past the arch emerging from its chrysalis which is hanging from the branch of an ancient willow oak. Yet another huge butter fly is resting on top of an arch to the right. In the sky can be seen some floating boulders and a large floating rocky island in the upper-right.

Walking further along the path, toward what looks like an interesting collection of gazebos (I’m a sucker for a nice gazebo), follies, or some sort of large garden constructs, I begin to see that butterflies are more than just “a thing” here. They’re part of the theme of the whole place. (There are vendors near the main landing area where various butterflies can be purchased to support Relay for Life.)

A woman in a full, floor length gray gown stands in a green field dotted with blue flowers. Two heavy stone pillars are on either side of her. A series of tall, free-standing stone arches recedes into the distance. A stone stairway, partly covered by tree roots rises to the right in the background. Large old, hardwood trees are scattered about the landscape, mostly on the hilltops.

Unlike the shopping regions which have well defined paths that take you on a single route from an entrance to an exit, or from the main landing site to either exit, arts and entertainment regions are much more freeform. Numerous paths lead to lots of locations throughout the region. In some places you’ll find an assortment of vendors where you can buy butterflies and other items while supporting RFL. In others you’ll find gazebos, glass enclosed domed constructs like king sized summerhouses, seating areas for events. I ran across a cave that runs under a hill to emerge by another building where you can have a nice sit and contemplate the butterflies and landscape.

Love this region and its aged charm. It all has a elvish feel to it, what with the eternal late summer afternoon and the perfect spread of greenery and stonework. The only thing lacking is someplace to get some tea.


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