Fantasy Faire 2023 – Giraphoria

A heavily tattooed woman with long white hair wearing a black belly dancing outfit stands at the left edge of the frame gazing to the right. Her left hand is raised almost to her face as if in thought. Cartoon like rocks and trees line the background.

Giraphoria is another arts & entertainment region. Here’s where you find the big stage.

Sponsor: The Lost Unicorn Gallery
Designers: Lilia Artis & Haveit Neox

On the left side of the image, a dozen or so giraffes, standing in a pyramid three high, reach for a distant Fantasy Faire glyph that floats high above the ground. In the center foreground, eight or nine giraffes swim in a lagoon bearing giant butterflies on wands. On the right, a cascade of water falls from a rocky height. There is a shipwreck at the top of the falls. On the deck of the wrecked ship stand several more giraffes.

But what you’ll really find here is, giraffes. Giraffes wandering the grounds. Giraffes swimming while holding up butterflies, gazing down from improbably placed shipwrecks, browsing art galleries. Giraffe heads bracket the entrances to bridges throughout the place. There is even a tower of giraffes standing on giraffes apparently trying to reach the Fantasy Faire glyph high above the ground.

A series of broken concrete wall segments hold several dozen pictures in heavy wooden frames. A blue bordered orange and gray path runs between the wall sections. Vari-coloured giraffes, some wireframe, appear to be browsing the artworks.

Descending from the landing point, there is an art walk where you can admire a number of 2-dimensional artworks. You will have to dodge around some other patrons, giraffes naturally.

There is one place here that is nearly giraffe free. If you walk down to the stage, and then turn and keep walking down into the water, you’ll find that you can stroll through the depths to a balcony overlooking some dancing octopus. There are other structures underwater as well including a couple gazebos and a cave with a dark octopus (whom I did not visit).

I don’t have any pictures to post of the underwater section because they all turned out rubbish. Don’t know what got into my picture taking routine then.

Tomorrow it’s back to the shopping regions starting with Giggenwhirl. Six regions left to explore in as many days. I can do this!


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