Fantasy Faire 2023 – Fungalmire

A woman with long white hair in ponytails wearing a beaded top sits, somewhat forlornly, before several faded posters on a pitted wooden backdrop.

Here I sadly sit at the LitFest tour bus stop, hours after the last tour has finished. It will be a whole year until the next one ☹. At least it leaves me plenty of time to scribble some notes about my exploration of Fungalmire, the region that hosted many of the LitFest events this year.


Sponsor: Petrichor
Designer: DaveOSaurus

A wide, deeply worn path recedes into a wooded landscape. To the left, a tall stone outcropping looms over the path. Four enormous mushrooms rise above the entire landscape. In the distance, what appears to be a tree stump a dozen meters across rises on another promontory. A doorway is cut into its side.

Fungalmire is “a forest steeped in legend and myth.” It’s a place “where stories both old and new are waiting to be told.” It’s also a wooded land, where deeply worn tracks wind between amazingly large mushrooms and lead to hidden glades, fairy rings of unusual size, and shops.

In a grassy glade inside half of a gigantic stump, a collection of seats have been made from smaller stumps, stacks of large river worn rocks, fairly substantial mushrooms, and carved tree trunks. A wooden stage flanked by several large mushrooms sits at the far side of the seats. Off to the left of the stage, a long table holds a number of fantasy themed books.

One of the first things I come across, entering from Giggenwhirl, is the Stump Theater. This is where many LitFest events are held. Readings, interviews, and other LitFest happenings all have been taking place in this quiet nook off the main path.

A stump, cut at a sharp angle, stands in a small grassy area surrounded by rocks and a turfed hillock. An image of a fox has been carved into the face of the stump. In the background, improbably large mushrooms can be seen.

Speaking of stumps. Look for the LitFest stumps scattered throughout the region. Touch each of the five to collect portions of a story. Each of the stumps has caved on it one of the characters from the Reynard Fox stories.

The figure of the author can just be made out standing in the middle of a fairy ring tens of meters across. Varied mushrooms, some brown, some red and white, one yellow and peaked, form the ring itself. The mushrooms look to be any where from 2m to 4m tall.

Now this is a fairy ring! They do things properly here in Fungalmire. No mean little rings of fungus some foot or two across. This is a fairy ring big enough for a fey dance company to perform in!


  • Dreaming Thicket
  • Analog Dog
  • Bespoke Caravan
  • Petrichor
  • Crocodoggle
  • FFS
  • Clover

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