Fantasy Faire 2023 – Flambois

A heavily tattooed woman with long white hair in ponytails looks toward the left from the right edge of the image. She is standing in a forest in dim light. A stone town wall fills the background.


Sponsor: Teegle
Designers: Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen

A stream runs rapidly toward the viewer in a rocky channel. On either side, a narrow grassy verge is bordered by tall trees. The scene is twilit. In a break in the trees in the distance, the sky is visible and is dominated by a large glowing planet, perhaps a gas giant of some sort? In the foreground on the left bank of the stream, a woman is standing. Incongruously, she is wearing a black belly dancing outfit.

Flambois has something of a dual spirit. Entering from Fungalmire, I find myself walking through twilit woods beside a rushing stream. It looks clean and cold. It’s as peaceful a riparian environment as you could ask for.

However, I follow the path along the stream, cross a rough bridge and plunge into the woods. Eventually I come to a tall stone wall. Around the corner and under an arch, I find myself in a very different kind of place.

A stone paved street recedes from the viewer after vaulting a stream over an angle arched stone bridge. Coldly lit stone buildings with highly decorative windows line either side of the street. On the right, the buildings are built over water, sitting on pilings joined by rounded arches.

Almost immediately, I’ve moved from the quiet countryside into the middle of an urban landscape, also strangely quiet. The architecture varies but is of three main types. The first I encounter has a medieval look to it, built of light coloured stone. The buildings, mostly dormitories I read, are several stories high and coldly lit. This area has an imposing, slightly eerie feel to it. The distant howling of a wolf might have something to do with that.

The designers’ notes tell of three schools of magic, which explains the three main styles of architecture in the city.

In an open area between three or four story stone buildings, five standing stones dot the common. The furthest two are surrounded by trees. Above the scene, the giant planet in the sky can be clearly seen. It is covered in swirling, glowing blue and orange clouds. There are a few bright purple lights on it as well.

A collection of standing stones, some in the midst of what look like carefully tended thickets, stands around an open area in the city known as The Bard’s Grove. It looks like the area functions as kind of common or public square.

A distant view of Flambois shows a tight collection of stone buildings, varying in colour from white to brick red. In the center, a larger building is dwarfed by the enormous tree growing on top of it. Above the tree an glowing orb floats. And above the orb, the Fantasy Faire glyph hovers.

Near the center, by the main landing point, sits the central hall (and flagship shop, Teegle). On top of the high roof of the hall grows a well-watered tree. (There are waterfalls pouring off two sides of the hall.) Above the sun tree floats a great enchanted orb that lights the region.

Don’t miss the windows in the Little Big Designs shop across the street from the entrance, very Art Nouveau.


Flambois looks like the place for tinies and dinkies to shop.

  • FlyingArts
  • Pax Werx
  • Mags’ Min-mall
  • Sterling Wear
  • Dead Umbrella
  • Peeps
  • Lumistice
  • Aether Chrononoauts
  • Tiny Steps
  • Little Big Designs
  • DFS
  • Tiny Inc.
  • Dinkie Boutique
  • ami’s Dinkie World
  • Twisted Whiskers
  • Weelandia
  • Morkus Quill Crafter
  • Designs by Isaudra
  • John Dee’s Emporium
  • Kute Kreations
  • Mothly

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