Fantasy Faire 2023 – The Shimmering Fen

A woman with long white hair in a black top with beads sits at an open air bar in dim light. Barrels and kegs are in the background.

The Shimmering Fen

Sponsor: Cerridwen’s Cauldron
Designer: Elicio Ember

The designer’s notes for The Shimmering Fen are really not so much notes as such. Instead, they tell a story; the tale of the settling of the fens long ago by elves in search of a new home. Half of them had already found their new lands in Mythspire (see Fantasy Faire 2022). However, the others continued on their quest for the ideal living place. Ultimately they found The Shimmering Fen and, following discussions with the Frog Prince, made their dwellings here.

Tall, luminous capped blue and brown mushrooms stand above shorter, but still very tall coral mushrooms which also glow white. Below these, and amongst yet more giant fungi, wooden houses with steeply gabled roofs sit. The sky is a deep, foggy purple.

Once more, giant fungi fill the region. (Brobdingnagian mushrooms are something of a Fantasy Faire theme this year.) What appear to be wooden houses built on stilts in the fen are actually, I’m told, made from mushrooms instead of wood. Luminous capped and coral mushrooms light the region while magical glowing, hovering lanterns illuminate the shops.

The sounds of crickets and the piping of tree frogs fill the night air as I browse my way through the shops. There is an atmosphere of life everywhere, all around me.

A woman with long white hair wearing a black bikini top, beaded arm rings, and bright diamond earrings sits at an open air bar. Kegs, barrels, and bottles sit behind the bar. In the background, huge capped and coral mushrooms rise all around. Some are glowing.

Taking the walkway and stairs south from the main landing area, I make my way down to the fen proper. There a statue honouring the Frog Prince sits, a reminder of the pact the elves made when they chose to stay here. Their promise to the frog was to live in balance with the environment and protect it from harm.

On my way back out, I took a few moments to rest my feet and have a drink at The Shroom and Gloom, an open air tavern right along the walkway.


  • Tir Na Nog
  • SKS Designs
  • Chimaera
  • Mystic Fox
  • Rainy Fey Creations
  • Blueberry Tea
  • ecru couture
  • Mosquito’s Way
  • Astrium
  • The Lost Unicorn Gallery
  • Cerridwen’s Cauldron (do drop in and enjoy the glass floor!)
  • Cats Claw Designs
  • [QE]
  • Dragon Magic Wares
  • Xtal
  • Whymsical Marketplace
  • Lantian Flox
  • The Olde Attic
  • 3rd Eye Perceptions
  • Dreamscaped

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