Fantasy Faire 2023 – Frostweald

A woman with long white hair wearing a long sleeved turquoise top kneels at a prayer bench on the left edge of the image. She looks ahead (toward the right side of the picture) where an alter surrounded by candles sits. A living tree with glowing leaves grows from the top of the alter. Two birds are perched on the near two corners of it.


Sponsor: Roawenwood
Designer: Searlait Nitschke

What a contrast! A moment ago I was walking through spring time glades and woods. A moment later I have stepped into a frost-bound, silent landscape of low snow-covered hills and barren trees.

The contrast is more than just the weather. Where evil witches in The Winding Valley left an ancient curse upon a village, the witches here in Frostweald are of a completely different kind. Here they guard the path and protect the spirits as they travel from one world to the next.

There are also shaman, who “keep to the trees and snow”. If you are seeking the spirit of a loved one you have lost, it is the shaman who can help.

A winter landscape lies spread beneath a clear night sky. Rounded hillocks are covered with snow in the foreground. Occasionally, rocks protrude from the snow but are capped with snow themselves. Barren trees dot the heights. Small lights can be seen in their branches. A rock path leads up the side of an embankment in the foreground.

Frostweald is a between land. Spirits of the departed pass through this space on the way to another world. It is a place of transition, a liminal world that is neither here nor there. The snowy landscape is appropriate. It seems to speak to a quiet, peaceful, resting land. It also gives me the feeling of a waiting.

And yet it’s not all silence and stillness. The designer’s notes speak of how the wind can sometimes rush through the trees, whistling in the branches.


I’ve read that Patch has extended the availability of the fairelands for one more day. (He does things like that.) So there is at least one more full shopping day on the 8th!

  • Moth & Moon
  • Tirrany Designs
  • Tamiron Forge
  • Poseidon
  • Gypsy Wolf Creations
  • Roped Passions
  • Dragonsworn
  • Roawenwood
  • ZFG
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Mindgardens Creations
  • Star Mesh Body
  • Touryuumon
  • Broken ARC
  • [CIRCA] Living
  • Brynn’s BoM-Squad
  • Aelithe

And That’s the Faire

And that about wraps up my Fantasy Faire 2023 ☹ With Frostweald I have completed my circumnavigation of the fairelands. There were so many amazing builds this year. My first impression was that they would not meet the bar set with last year’s faire, but I was quite wrong. This year’s worlds may have been more understated, but they were all just so amazing in their own way, and perfect for the concepts they wanted to express. In short, I really enjoyed this year’s Fantasy Faire. Of course, I’m now looking forward to what we’ll see next year.

(And not to lose sight of essentials, as of even date, Fantasy Faire 2023 has gathered L$20,647,488 toward Relay for Life. That’s something around $82K real dollars. Super work!)

Looking at my dashboard, I also see I’m reaching another milestone today. This is my 100th post! This blog has been going for years, albeit sporadically. But since I’ve been going on and on… and on… and on about Fantasy Faire for the last two weeks plus, more than 20% of its content is about Fantasy Faire 2023. I’ll try to post a bit more often going forward and balance things out a bit!


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